Welcome to Nieman Elementary Bands

band announcements Oct. 3-8

Symphonic band/KMEA music has been out for some time.  Please pick up after school anytime you like.  The deadline to signup for KMEA honor band auditions is this Wednesday, Oct. 5th after school.  Signup by band office.  Signups for symphonic band auditions will go up in late October, with auditions held November 14th-17th.
FLORIDA ANNOUNCEMENT: roommate signups will go up tomorrow after school.  If you are attending the Florida trip, please start talking about who you want to room with.  If you don’t sign up, I would be happy to assign your roommates for you.  4 students per room. 2 chaperones per room.  Chaperones, if you want to request a roommate, please email me and I’ll make that happen.  The deadline for roommate signups is next Monday, Oct. 10th.
Oct. 3rd-8th band announcements:
Oct. 3rd– 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity band.  Also on Oct. 3rd, SMSD Marching Band Festival!  Parents, this is in the SM South stadium, and free to the public.  Varsity students, this is a graded event, and all students must ride the bus to and from SM South. The order of performance is: West/North/East/Northwest/South.  PARENTS, we will sit on the north side of the home stands (closer to 103rd ST).
2:40PM- percussion students and anyone who wants to help (lettering points awarded), begin loading truck by band room.  Once loaded, break for dinner.
4:30- parents loading props/fronts into trailer.
5:00- band room opens, get in full uniform.
5:30- load bus and leave for SM South stadium.
6:00- arrive at South, get props ready and warm up.
7:00- Festival begins.
8:30ish- festival concludes.  Load truck/trailer, back to SM North.
9:00ish- unload truck, return uniforms and dismiss.
Oct. 4th– normal day of school with one exception.  Hocker Grove bands and block IV jazz concert.  Report time for block IV is 6:15PM, concert begins at 7:00PM and should be over by 8:00PM.  Block IV students, I would really appreciate some help at 6:00PM setting up the stage for Hocker Grove.
Oct. 5th– 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity band
Oct. 6th– normal day of school
Oct. 7- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity band.
Oct. 8th– Varsity band’s Olathe Marching Festival @ Olathe NW HS.  Parents, this is a ticketed event.  Participating varsity students get in free.  All parents need to pay a $10 fee at the gate CASH ONLY.  Senior citizens and visiting students pay $5.  Children 5 and under are free.
Oct. 8rd itinerary:
Students should wear show shirt throughout the day and underneath uniform.  Don’t forget long black socks.
7:45AM- band room opens- load truck/props trailer
8:30- change into uniform, load garment bags into uniform trailer
9:20- depart SM North in full uniform to Olathe Northwest
9:45- arrive @ Olathe NW- unload trucks/trailers
10:50- begin stretching/physical warmup
11:20- move to warmup area
11:25- musical warmup
11:55- move to stadium
12:05PM- on deck
12:30- back to busses, change out of uniforms, eat lunch in parking lot (provided by boosters) and return to stadium to watch bands.
3:45- prelim awards- everyone should be sitting together in stands, watch ReMind app
5:30-9:15PM- 2nd round of performances.  We won’t know our schedule until after prelim awards ceremony.  In that time, we will get back into uniform, warm up and perform.  Students, please bring money for a dinner via their concession stands.  Since we’re one of the smaller bands, I’m guessing we would perform between 5:30-7:00PM.
9:30- Olathe North performance in exhibition
9:45- finals awards
10:00- back to busses- load truck/trailers.  Depart for SM North.  Upon arrival home, unload truck/trailers/uniforms and depart.
Announcements beyond Oct. 8th
Oct. 13th final home game (on Thursday night)
Oct. 14th– varsity marching rehearsal 10:00AM-12:30PM on stadium field.  There is no school this day
Oct. 15th– SM North Marching Invitational!  There will be another email regarding this huge event.
Oct. 21st varsity marching rehearsal 9-11AM. There is no school this day
Oct. 22nd– UCM Warrensburg marching festival. We don’t know performance times yet, hopefully early afternoon and evening.
We’re looking forward to a wonderful 3 weeks!  Thanks again to Shaw-Mi-No parents who helped last Friday night…the kids had a great first time run of the entire show!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Sept. 26-Oct. 3


Parents, please click on the signup genius link if you can help with this Friday’s (Sept. 30th) home football game.  Thanks in advance for your help:
Sept. 26th Monday- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity students.  Don’t forget that all brass/woodwinds should allow extra time to get all of the fronts and panels out to the field BEFORE our 6:45AM rehearsal.  We will also have our 6:30-8:30PM rehearsal for varsity.  This is HUGE rehearsal as we’ll have all props and sound system out.
Tuesday- regular school.
Wednesday- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity students.
Thursday- regular school
Friday- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity students.  Home football game/feeder night:
4:30PM- band room opens
4:45- section leaders/seniors should report, as Hocker Grove students begin showing up at 5:00PM.
5:00- section leaders/seniors meet Hocker Grove students in parking lot, eat dinner with them.  We will also begin handing out uniforms in the band room.
6:10- ALL varsity students report to upper field, in full uniform and instrument for attendance.  All JV students are invited and encouraged to attend and play in the stands, as this is 1 of the 4 nights to fulfill playing at two games.  JV students, if you haven’t gone to a game yet, we just have this Friday and one more in October.
6:45- pregame begins.  After tunnel, we’ll go to the  stands.  JV and Hocker Grover students help make the tunnel on the field.
7:00- game begins.  We’ll perform at halftime.
PARENTS…AFTER HALFTIME, we will have our SMN Marching Invitational meeting in the band room, starting after the halftime show is over.  We strongly encourager ALL SMN band parents to attend this meeting.  We will conclude before the 4th quarter begins so you can watch your child play in the stands.  The Oct. 15th Invitational (thus the parent meeting at halftime) is an “all hands on deck” situation.  We’re hosting over 1,300 visiting marchers from 10 different schools…we really need everyone to pitch in for at least a little bit that day.
The following Monday, Oct. 3rd– 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity band students.
Also, on Oct. 3rd for varsity band, the SMSD Marching Festival!  Parents, this is in the SM South stadium, and free to the public.  Varsity students, this is a graded event, and all students must ride the bus to and from SM South.
2:40PM- percussion students and anyone who wants to help (lettering points awarded), begin loading truck by band room.  Once loaded, break for dinner.
5:00- band room opens, get in full uniform.
5:30- load bus and leave for SM South stadium.
6:00- arrive at South, get props ready and warm up.
7:00- Festival begins.  I don’t know the order of schools, but I’m guessing we’ll play 2nd or 3rd.  All five SMSD marching bands will perform.
8:30ish- festival concludes.  Load truck, back to SM North.
9:00ish- unload truck, return uniforms and dismiss.
It’s getting real, we only have 4 more weeks of marching band, and it’s all in the books!  Ms. Fillingham and I are so excited about this show, continue to make good decisions, get plenty of rest and make sure you’re at all events.
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

band announcements- Sept. 19-23

Monday, Sept. 19th- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity marching band.  We will begin in the band room, as the football team is using the stadium.  Varsity band also has 6:30PM-8:30PM, in which we will be in the stadium.  This is going to be a huge and very important rehearsal, as we’re bringing out all the props and full sound system!
Tuesday- regular day of school
Wednesday- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity marching band.  Later that day we have the Bonner Springs Marching Festival!  As many of you know, SMSD has a shortage of bus drivers this year.  The 3:15PM-4:45PM rehearsal time is due to the fact our busses cannot get to BSHS any sooner than 4:45PM, to bring us back to SM North.  Any students who are involved with another school activity on this day can have a parent pick their child up as early as 3:00PM, PROVIDED this has been set up in advance.  Communication is the key, please email me with specific scheduling issues.
Students, although the band will bring our orange water containers, PLEASE bring your own water, as Wednesday could still be a little warm.
There is currently a 30% chance of rain Wednesday afternoon.  There’s a small chance of just staying at North, but we plan on traveling to BSHS unless we know we’re going to get soaked for a long period of time.
Parents, this festival is free and open to the public.  The stadium address is 100 McDanield St. Bonner Springs, KS  66012
10:00AM- percussion students released from block 3, and report to band room, begin loading truck
11:00- all students eat 1st lunch
11:30- report to band room, continue loading truck
12:30- depart North in show shirt and any color shorts
1:00- arrive at BSHS, begin to unload truck
1:30- begin warmup routine
2:45- marching/music clinic with K-State music staff.  Begin loading sound equipment
3:15- clinic ends, will head inside for a break and rehearsal
4:45- load bus and travel home.
5:15- arrive @ North, unload truck.
Thursday- regular day of school
Friday- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity marching band.
Also on Friday, we have an “away” football game @ SM North vs. SM East (East is the home team).  Report to band room no later than 6:20PM.  We will walk over around 6:35PM to the away side of the stadium .  Game begins at 7:00PM.  As per the calendar, this is a required performance for varsity band members, and block 7 band members are strongly encouraged to attend.  Students who have another school activity, please let Mr. Reed know.
Also, and I know this sounds sort of funny, but please DO NOT WEAR your show shirt to this game!  I love our show entitled “Out of the Blue”…but we will look sort of funny if the North pep-band is wearing all blue when playing SM East!  So any clothing that’s school related or red/black colors.
MISC. announcements:
-Students, as we are preparing for October, please email Mr. Reed with any dietary restrictions that we need to be aware of when providing food for the band.
-As the deadline for changing participation status for Florida expired last Friday, we plan on sending a final trip roster via email within the next 7-10 days.  Ms. Duckworth will be preparing refund checks this week, but please allow 7-10 days to get everything organized.  Thanks for your patience.
That’s it for now!  Really getting excited about the upcoming festival performances over the next 5 weeks!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Sept. 12-16

Monday, Sept. 12th

6:45AM rehearsal for all varsity members.

6:30-8:30PM rehearsal for all varsity members


Tuesday- regular day.

Trash bag pick up 4-6PM.  See note below.



6:45AM rehearsal for all varsity members


Thursday- Home Game Day!

5:00PM- band room will open for uniform distribution.  Attendance taken on upper field at 6:15PM, in full uniform in attendance block.  JV students, this performance can count as one of your two required football game performances.  We will stage to the stadium at 6:30PM for a 6:45PM pregame performance.  Game begins at 7:00PM and varsity will perform at halftime.  Return uniforms at the end of the game.


Friday- NO early rehearsal due to the football game on Thursday.


Here’s a note from our fundraising chairperson, Ms. Kronawitter:

Hello North Band Families,

For those of you that participated in the recent trash bag fundraiser, ORDERS ARE IN AND CAN BE PICKED UP AT MY HOUSE ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, FROM 4PM-6PM. OUR ADDRESS IS 9617 HOCKER DRIVE, MERRIAM, KS (Please note that our driveway is accessed off of Knox). If you have any questions, or need to make different arrangements, you can e-mail me at [email protected].


Maureen Kronawitter


Congrats on a busy Homecoming week, you were all great!  Looking forward to learning the next part of our show, leading up to the drum break!


Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Sept. 6-10 Homecoming week!

Tues. 9/6- Fall sports assembly.  All varsity band students report to band room at 8:50AM to prepare for the assembly.  I will send an email to teachers requesting this release time.The assembly is during seminar.
Wed. 9/7- 6:45AM rehearsal for all varsity students.
Thurs. 9/8- nothing band related
Friday. 9/9- HOMECOMING DAY!  6:45AM rehearsal for all varsity students.  We will march through the halls near the end of block 1.  Block 2 drumline, I am excusing you from block 1 since it’s only a 35 minute class period, and you’ll already be outside with the winds before school.
Friday’s Homecoming parade-
Please wear your show shirt as your uniform (any color shorts is fine).  Eat a fast lunch at 12:15 and be in the band room by 12:35PM to warm up and stage for the 1:00PM parade.  The parade will conclude before busses leave at the end of the day.
Friday’s home game-
Band room will open at 5:00PM for uniform distribution.  Attendance taken on upper field at 6:10PM, in full uniform in attendance block.  JV students, this performance can count as one of your two required football game performances.  We will stage to the stadium field at 6:30PM.
PARENTS AND STUDENTS- Due to homecoming festivities during halftime, VARSITY WILL MARCH OUR “HALFTIME” SHOW AT 6:40PM in the stadium, thus before the game begins.  Parents, if possible, please be in the stands (section F) before 6:40PM or you will miss the band performance.  Game begins at 7:00PM.  Varsity will perform the opener of the show at halftime and remain on the field during Homecoming festivities.  At conclusion of game, everyone report to band room and return uniform.  As in the past, students must remain for the entire game, as the band room will be locked and parents will not be there receive your uniform.
Sat. 9/10- Drumline performs cadences at 12:00PM for 100th year anniversary.  Confirm with Ms. Fillingham as to the report time, but it will be around 11:30AM.  We should be finished by 12:30PM.
Finally, a word from our SM North Invitational chairman, Mr. Duckworth-
Dear Parents:
As you may be aware, this year’s Invitational is going to be held on Saturday, October 15th. Like in previous years, it is important to have as many volunteers as possible to ensure that everything runs smoothly. I have created a Sign Up Genius and I would love to see everyone that is able to help out again this year. To make it even easier, here is a link to find a job that would match your talents. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/409044CACAB2FA2FA7-2022
I am really excited about this year’s event! We are hosting 10 Bands. Of the 10 bands, 5 are from the local metro area. The bands that we will be hosting are: Buhler (repeat), Valley Center (repeat), Topeka West (repeat), Truman, Washburn Rural (repeat), Lee’s Summit North, Olathe North, Olathe Northwest, Olathe South (repeat) and Shawnee Mission East.
As you can see we are going to need everyone that is able to help to sign up and volunteer. If you have questions about something on the list, or suggestions that may have been overlooked, please feel free to reach out to me. The best way to contact me would be by email ([email protected]) or by Texting me at (913) 579-0732.
I hope to see everyone at the Invitational!
This is a big week ahead of us, and we’re really looking forward to it!  Last Friday’s pep-band at SM South had a great time, thank you everyone for a wonderful evening!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Aug. 29-Sept. 2

Hello everyone-
Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight (Aug. 25th) for 5th grade instrument demos (5:30-7:30pm) AND Fall kick off, which entails an optional pep-band meeting on the track at 7:00PM.  We’ll be finished by 7:20PM.  Big time lettering points awarded!
Varsity band- please bring a water bottle to tomorrow’s 6:45AM rehearsal, it’s supposed to be a little hot tomorrow, even in the morning.
Next week’s schedule (8/29-9/2)is:
Monday: odd
Tuesday: even
Wednesday: odd
Thursday: even
Friday: no school
So varsity will have early rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday.  We will also have Monday evening from 6:30-8:30PM.
Now a message from our booster fundraising chair, Ms. Kronawitter-
Hello North Band Families,
We have one week left in for our current trash bag fundraiser – there’s still time to participate & raise some funds for the Florida trip – ALL ORDERS NEED TO BE TURNED IN TO ME NEXT MONDAY, AUGUST 29, FROM 6PM-8PM, IN THE BAND ROOM. If you have any questions, need an order form, or need to make different arrangements, you can e-mail me at [email protected].
Maureen Kronawitter
Thanks everyone-
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Aug. 22-26

Interesting schedule for band students this week, please see below:



Monday, Aug. 22- 6:45am rehearsal for varsity band. I will also try to wrap up giving out show shirts after school on Monday. Evening rehearsal for varsity band students from 6:30-8:00PM.


Also, if there are any block 7 JV band students that can show up between 6:30-8:30PM in the band room, we would like to get many of you fitted for your band uniform.  These uniforms will be worn at home football games, as well as in Florida.


Tuesday- KMBC “Banding Together” performance.  Report time of 6:30am on stadium field. See below for more details.


Wednesday- NO early rehearsal due to early call times on Monday AND Tuesday. Varsity winds will start on the field at 7:40am.


Thursday- two thing:

-Fall Sports Kickoff performance.  Report time of 7:00 in stadium, performance at 7:10. Should last 10 minutes playing pep-band tunes, and we’re done!  This is an optional performance, but you will receive lettering points.


Instrument petting zoo for incoming 5th graders. 5:30PM-7:30PM in cafeteria. This is an optional event for upperclassmen, to help Ms. Fillingham recruit 5th graders and trying new instruments. Lettering points given to those who help. Yes, students can do both events on Thursday night…we’ll make it work!


Friday- 6:45am rehearsal for varsity band.


Tuesdays KMBC “Banding Together” event!  Report time of varsity band is 6:30 AM, feel free to wear your show shirt, but you don’t have to. At 6:45AM, were being recorded by KMBC TV station, playing pep-band tunes. At 6:52, Johnny Rowlands flys over the stadium in the helicopter, showing video of the band in a “9” formation!  7:15 AM Johnny gives a live feed presentation on air, saluting the teachers and band students getting back into the school year.  So parents, spread the word the varsity band students will be on TV this Tuesday at 7:15AM!


Friday, Aug. 26th– This is the deadline for any new band students who have NOT signed up for the trip.  After this date, we cannot add additional band students or chaperones.  ALSO, we will need to remove students who do not have any funds in their account.  We have 15-20 students who turned in a letter of intent but have not made any payments.  You can view your Florida account as follows:


Go to www.charmsoffice.com

Click Login

Click Parents/Students/Members

Our school code is smnbands

Enter your password, and then click the finances button.  If this is your first-time logging in, you will be asked to reset your password.  If you have any technical difficulties, please call CharmsOffice at 972-485-1912.


That’s it for now.  The band students are off to a great start!


Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Aug. 7, 2022

Hello SM North band family!
Looking forward to getting the school year going with music!  Thanks to everyone for making our summer rehearsals a huge success.  Special shout out to Amy Hall and all band parents who helped with outdoor activities, water, uniforms, etc.
A few bullet points for everyone:
– students, PLEASE double check your class schedule to make sure you’re in the correct band class.  Once school begins later this week, it’s really difficult to change anything.
– Varsity and JV band, we will not play instruments on Friday, Aug. 12th
– blocks 3 and 4 jazz bands, we WILL play on the first day of school, Aug. 12th so please bring your instruments.
– varsity band will meet Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30PM in the stadium.  Watch for ReMind notifications if we ever move locations.  There are a total of 8 Monday evenings rehearsals, with the first one on Monday, Aug. 15th.
– varsity band will meet at 6:45AM every Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning at 6:45AM in the stadium.  Watch for ReMind notifications if we ever move locations.  The first early rehearsal will be Wednesday, Aug. 17th.
-band shirts have been ordered and should arrive soon.  If possible, please make sure you’ve paid your band expenses if you haven’t already done so ($125 varsity, $75 JV, $50 dance team).  If you need to pay this later, just email me and let me know!
– The 2nd Orlando, FL installment is due on Monday, August 15th.  If you haven’t registered for this trip, you still can, but that window will be closed within a few weeks.  Please contact me if you still want to go!
Band expenses and trip payments can be made online at www.smnorthbands.org and clicking “Group Member Payments” or you can mail a check made payable to Shaw-Mi-No to the following address:
Booster treasurer- Melinda Duckworth
8209 W 58th ST
Merriam, KS 66202
– we will have a way for you to login at www.charmsoffice.com  to view payments/balances/fundraising activity for band expenses and the Orlando trip, but it’s not ready just yet.  Stay tuned!
– here is a message from our fundraising chair, Ms. Kronawitter.  Please read the attachment that states various details, such as the turn in night of Monday, Aug. 29th.
Hello North Band Families,
As you all know, the marching band will be taking a trip to Florida over winter break. Therefore, we wanted to provide some additional fundraising opportunities for those that are interested. On Thursday, we kicked off our Bags for Bucks fundraiser. If you weren’t able to attend the picnic/meeting on Thursday evening and/or didn’t receive the paperwork, attached please find the information letter, as well as the order form. This is a great, easy fundraiser to participate in – for every roll sold at $15, your band kid will receive $6.50 applied to their individual account. Those funds can then be used for the upcoming band trip, or yearly band fees. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].
Maureen Kronawitter
If you haven’t done so already, please enroll for any ReMind codes that apply to you.  We use ReMind for last minute announcements and updates:
ReMind phone number 81010
 Varsity band, student last name A-L: @vmbbison1
Varsity band, student last name M-Z: @vmbbison2
JV band: @jvbison1
Varsity drumline (battery & front ensemble): @dbison1
Student staff (all seniors and section leaders): ssbison1
Again, Ms. Fillingham and I are really excited about the upcoming school year.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this week!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

Upcoming band camp information as of 7/25/22

Hello everyone-


Beginning tomorrow (July 26th), all rehearsals (except the two evening varsity drumline rehearsals) will begin in the stadium.  In case of inclement weather, we will use the ReMind app to notify everyone we’re moving into the band room.  If you don’t get a text, we will always plan to meet in the stadium.



Things to do/bring/wear for outdoor rehearsals:

-A one gallon (hopefully somewhat insulated) water container, filled with ice and water.

-shorts and T-shirt

– sunglasses

– hat/visor

– tennis shoes with socks(NO flip flops or sandals, you can’t really march in those)

– sunscreen, to be applied before rehearsal begins


-Also, PLEASE eat some sort of breakfast before arriving.  Protein is best, as little sugar as possible.  If necessary, I would suggest no more than one cup of coffee.  Also, I would suggest little to no soda drinks.


– get a full night of sleep before rehearsals, and hydrate when you get home.


-Beginning this Thursday (July 28th), varsity marchers should bring a lunch, or money to eat at local fast food near North.  Students can either ride with other students, or walk.  Students will have 90 minutes for lunch each day.


-Please bring your instrument every day.  If you don’t have your marching instrument yet, we will get that to you upon arrival.  You will also receive new music upon arrival.


-JV/new marchers students, we plan on splitting time outside with playing in the shade or even indoors, depending on temperature.


– varsity students, we plan to be outside in the morning, and inside in the afternoon.  If it gets too hot in the morning, we’ll move to shaded areas.



Please feel free to email or text me with any questions or updates (car trouble, feeling sick, etc).  Please do NOT respond to a ReMind text.



-Another reminder to give us your T-shirt size with this G form.  Parents, you can order additional shirts with the same link:



– Please take care of your band expense ASAP if you haven’t done so already.  (VARSITY $125, JV $75, dance team $50).  The easiest way is to play online at www.smnorthbands.org and click “group member payments”.



We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in the coming days…we’re so excited to see everyone and make some music.


Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham

June updates to SM North band

Hello students, happy summer to you all!

Everyone is invited to the FREE Ice cream social on July 23rd. Your child will receive their 2022 band shirt (different designs every year) if they have a fully paid band account.


Although the July 26th/27th new marchers camp is optional for JV band members, please consider going to these fun two mornings!  It’s always great to reconnect with everyone.  New varsity marchers and section leaders are expected to participate these two mornings.


All varsity drumline members are expected to participate during drumline camp, and ALL varsity marchers are expected to participate during the July 28-Aug. 4th camp (no weekends).  I cannot stress how important these rehearsals are, as we learn a significant portion of our competitive show during summer camp.  Communication is the key- if there is a scheduling conflict with any of those dates, please let me know ASAP.  We can have students share a spot if we know they’re going to be gone for a portion of camp.  We can make other arrangements as well, but communication is the key.



We frequently use ReMind texts for last minute changes or reminders.  If you have not done so already, please sign up for the appropriate ReMind class, so you will be in the loop!  Students AND parents can sign up.  Make sure to use the “@” sign.

Also, this is a one way communication device.  If you need to contact me regarding a ReMind text, please email me at [email protected] or text me on my phone if I’ve given you that number. To attain the Remind codes, please reference an email I sent on June 2nd.  If you didn’t receive an email, then email me at [email protected]

Hoping you’re all having a great start to your summer!


Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham