Students need to arrive to school with their instruments, black shirt/dress uniform, concert black shoes (no sneakers), music and instrument.



Students are then dismissed from block 7, to change into uniform and prepare for the bus.


Our bus situation has challenges because of conflicting school bus routes. The plan is as follows:

Bus 1 will leave at 2:15pm- Bus 1 is ALL BAND students- drop off at Grace and Holy Trinity

Bus 2 will leave at 3:15pm- Bus 2 is ALL ORCHESTRA VIOLINS- drop off at Grace and Holy Trinity. Ms. Beasley is chaperoning this bus.

Bus 3 will leave at 3:45pm- Bus 2 is ALL ORCHESTRA CELLOS/VIOLAS/BASSES- drop off at Kauffman. Cook is on this bus.


Please see bus rosters.



The issue we had is that Kauffman won’t allow students to enter before 4:30pm.

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral downtown has graciously allowed our bus 1 and 2 students to be dropped off there where they will be able to eat, use restrooms and rest before reporting to the Kauffman. Bus 3 will report directly to the Kauffman.


These are one-way buses. All students are expected to depart the Kaufman center with a parent or another mode of transportation, we will not have a bus to take students back to North. For safety reasons, construction on Broadway, and liability of instruments, administration has made it clear that ALL students need to ride the bus to the Kaufman center and not provide their own transportation there.  Cellos/basses, please make a plan for transporting your instrument.




Students will be provided a sack meal via SMN cafeteria. Bus 1 and 2 will eat their meal at Grace and Holy Trinity. Bus 3 will need to eat before departure from SMN or on the bus to the Kauffman. The “sack dinner” is being provided by the school (free of charge), which includes PBJ sandwich, carrots, cheese stick and milk. You’re more than welcome to bring something else.


At 4:30pm, Bus 1 and 2 will walk down with Mr. Reed and Ms. Beasley (SMN Band directors) to the Kauffman, where we will meet up with Bus 3. We will enter Kauffman all together, as there is a check in process that starts at 5pm sharp.


Students will get checked in with their instrument/school group, go to their warmup space and drop off instruments before finding their seat in the Kauffman before the concert begins at 6pm.



I have received many emails of people still needing more tickets. After speaking with the organization, they have released the following statement:


The ticket links may start showing “sold out.” This is beyond our control as KCPA dictates which sections they make available when the concert is GA. That said, no concert will be truly sold out, as many people reserve more tickets than they need. Please encourage parents of your students and anyone else to show up for the concert even if they don’t have a ticket reserved. KCPA will release any unclaimed seats with plenty of time before the concert starts, so don’t worry – everyone will get a seat.


The concert begins with Youth Symphony of Kansas City Repertory Orchestra, followed by Staley High School band. SMN band is expected to take the stage by 7:20pm, and SMN orchestra by 8:10pm.


This is a concert festival where students will receive written and audio feedback from clinicians who are in the audience. This is also a huge opportunity for our students to make wonderful memories performing in one of the premiere concert halls in the world. THANK YOU for being so supportive of your student in music. Please let me know if you have any questions!