The Shawnee Mission North Bands

Varsity Marching Band:Marching-Bandweb
This ensemble rehearses in the summer, before school and Monday evenings August through October.  Students receive 1/2 credit for this class and range from 9th-12th grade.  Auditions for this group are held during the previous school year.  This group performs at home and away football games, local parades and marching festivals.

Junior Varsity Band:
This ensemble rehearses for two days during the summer and during regular class time.  Students receive 1/2 credit for this class and range from 9th-12th grade.  No audition required for this group.  The group performs at home and away games and local parades.

Chad Reed
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Associate director:
Paul Schapker


Symphonic Band is a select ensemble made up of Freshmen through Seniors who audition and qualify for the group.  Auditions for this band occur in the Fall semester.  This band rehearses during the second semester, first block. The Symphonic Band has more performances that any other concert band.



This group is comprised of 10th-12th grade band students during the spring semester.  No audition required for this group.  Paul Schapker, associate director, teachers this class.


This group is comprised of 9th grade band students during the spring semester.  No audition is required for this group.
This ensemble is chosen by audition in the spring semester of the previous school year. Students may not enroll in Jazz Band only.  Jazz classes may be taken in addition to another major musical ensembles.  The Jazz Ensemble performs frequently and students must have an excellent understanding of jazz style and a high level of musical skill.  This class meets fourth block all year.

This jazz workshop is open to all band students interested in learning more about jazz. Students may not enroll in Jazz Band only.  Jazz classes may be taken in addition to another major musical ensembles.  Only students who play piano or guitar may sign up for Jazz Band only.  Students in Jazz Band need not audition.  This class meets during seminar (eighth block) all year.

Jazz Combos/Ensembles meet outside class (or  seminar) throughout the year.  These ensembles will meet around once a week and perform throughout the fall and spring semester.

Award Winners

2015 – 2016 Band Awards

Outstanding freshman- female- Jada Green

Outstanding freshman- male- Evan West

Outstanding sophomore- female- Kayana Aloi

Outstanding sophomore- female Cara Peterson

Outstanding sophomore- male- Dalton McQuitty

Outstanding sophomore- male David Gabaldon

Outstanding junior- female- Lauren Truschinger

Outstanding junior male- Logan Landes

Outstanding senior- female- Cynthia Botkin

Outstanding senior male- Derek Davidson


Team Player Award Spencer Dubois

Lead By Example Award Colin Arians


All-District/State Musical Leader Harrison Boldt

All-District/State Musical Leader Noah Bryan

All-District/State Musical Leader Christian Damian

All-District/State Musical Leader Chloe Mears

All-District/State Musical Leader Buddy Sayles

All-District/State Musical Leader Mariah Stadel

All-District/State Musical Leader Billy Winston


Most Improved Bandsman- Joe Corbett


Outstanding senior percussion- Andy Cauthon

Outstanding senior brass- Noah Bryan

Outstanding senior woodwind- Christian Damian

Outstanding senior woodwind- Mariah Stadel

Louis Armstrong Award- Billy Winston

John Philip Sousa Award  Quinton Jones

John Philip Sousa Award  Buddy Sayles

2014-15 Band Awards

Outstanding freshman- female-          Chloe Mears

Outstanding freshman- male-             Daniel Johnson

Outstanding sophomore- female-       Jazmin Burch

Outstanding sophomore- female         Taya Josenberger

Outstanding sophomore- male-           Ryan Wood

Outstanding junior- female-                Maggie Kasparek

Outstanding junior male-                    Buddy Sayles

Outstanding senior- female-               Renee Bowlin

Outstanding senior- female-               Rachel Panjada

Outstanding senior male-                    Ian Miesner


All-District/State Musical Leader       Christian Damian

All-District/State Musical Leader       Noah Bryan

Most Improved Bandsman-                Joshua Patterson

Outstanding senior percussion-           Noah Hamon

Outstanding senior brass-                   Charlie Diebold

Outstanding senior woodwind-          Sydney Jordan

Louis Armstrong Award-                   Cody Young

John Philip Sousa Award-                  Michael Schley

John Philip Sousa Award-                  Cody Young

2013-14 Shawnee Mission North Awards
Chad Reed, Director
Thursday, May 8th

Outstanding freshman- female-                            Emma Hoffman
Outstanding freshman- male-                               Donovan West
Outstanding sophomore- female-                         Danielle Vickers
Outstanding sophomore- male-                            Christian Damian
Outstanding junior- female-                                  Rachel Panjada
Outstanding junior male-                                       Cody Young
Outstanding senior- female-                                  Medi Aramovich
Outstanding senior- female-                                  Haley Fiedler
Outstanding senior male-                                      Jared Alexander

Outstanding Section Leader                                  Erica Nickolett

All-District/State Musical Leader                        Christian Damian
All-District/State Musical Leader                        Haley Fiedler
All-District/State Musical Leader                        Chacko Finn
All-District/State Musical Leader                        Noah Bryan

Most Improved Bandsman-                                  Ian Miesner

Outstanding senior percussion-                           Brandan Hoffman
Outstanding senior brass-                                     Ben Fauser
Outstanding senior woodwind-                            Lane Johnson
Louis Armstrong Award-                                       A.J. Bonci
John Philip Sousa Award-                                     Duncan Brandt
John Philip Sousa Award-                                    Chacko Finn