We are in need of some volunteers for next week’s Pancake dinner/concert (see below).  It’s a fun evening, but we’re needing a few more helping hands.  Please sign up using this link, thanks in advance:
A special shout out to the following students who made the KMEA all-state band!  We’ve never had this many kids make it…way to go!  Also, a special congrats to Anahi Silva, as she is the 1at 4 year all-state band student in the history of SM North!  They will rehearse/perform at the state convention in Wichita, Feb. 22nd-24th.
Anahi Silva- 2nd chair flute
Christian Adams- 11th chair trumpet
Eva Taylor- 6th chair trombone
Henry Duff- percussion/mallets
Gregor White- 1st alternate tenor sax
                                                            UPCOMING EVENTS
Feb. 2nd (this Friday)- pep-band basketball game.  Report time of 6:15PM in the band room.  This is the Hall of Fame night, so it’s a bigger deal to have everyone at this game.  Please email me if you have a scheduling conflict.
Monday, Feb. 5th– band booster meeting at 5:45PM in the band room.  Everyone is invited to attend, and we always keep the meetings to under an hour.
Tuesday, Feb. 6th Pancake Dinner/Concert itinerary:
5:45PM- everyone meet in the cafeteria to start eating pancakes.  The cost is $8 a person.  I know it’s a little more than in the past, but all of our costs have gone up.  Although it’s optional to eat, PLEASE make plans to eat with us…it’s a really fun night to share dinner together!
6:00- both jazz bands will play in the cafeteria as everyone is eating
6:45ish- everyone walks over to the auditorium for the concert.  All bands will play two songs, in the following order: 6th grade honor band, freshman band, concert band, symphonic band.  The concert will conclude around 7:30PM.  Students, this is a graded event.
Students, concert attire is business/Sunday best.  Slacks, button down shirt or sweater, dress, etc.  No specific color coordination.
Feb. 9th– pep-band basketball game.  Report time of 6:00PM.  We’re starting a little earlier because it’s band feeder night.  This is an “all hands-on deck” game since we’ve invited all 6th-8th graders.  Please email me if you have a scheduling conflict.
That’s it for now.  Let’s hope the snow days are over!
Mr. Reed