Welcome to East Antioch Elementary Bands

band announcements Jan. 6th

Hello everyone-
Although we are still good to go for the basketball pep-band to play tomorrow night (Jan. 7th, report time of 5:30PM) we will NOT be playing in the hallways during block one. So all students should stay in class tomorrow morning.
We have a booster meeting next Monday (Jan. 10th) at 5:45 in the band room.  Everyone is welcome and we always keep the meetings to one hour or less.  One item of discussion is the 2022 Winter trip for marching band!

band announcements Dec. 2-17

Dec. 6th– 1st basketball pep-band game!  Report time of 4:45PM in the band room (but the room will be open by 4:30).  Everyone will receive their pep-band shirt at that time.  Band room will be locked by 5:00PM and not open until after the game.  We should wrap everything up around 7:00PM.


Dec. 7th– yearbook pictures for block 3 and 4 jazz bands.  Block 3 should report to the band room by 8:00AM to get their instruments and block 4 by 8:10AM.  Pictures are being taken in the aux. gym at 8:15 and 8:25.  Jazz kids, please set reminders, as there will not be an y announcements made.  Wear whatever attire you wish, this will be informal.



Begins at 7:00PM in the auditorium.  Report time for all band students is 6:40PM in the band room.  Roll will be taken and we will begin warming up.  Program order is: percussion ensemble, orchestra group 1, orchestra group 2, block 7 band, block 1 band.  The concert should be about 60 minutes.  This is a graded and required performance.  Please wear “Sunday best”.  Please no jeans, T-shirts, shorts, etc.  Slacks, collared shirts, sweaters, dresses, skirts are appropriate.  Color of clothing is up to you.


Dec. 15th– fundraising items are delivered.  See pasted message from fundraising chair, Maureen Kronawitter:


Thank you to everyone who participated in the band fundraiser. We have a confirmed delivery date of Wednesday, December 15, from 3:30pm-5:30pm, in the North Auditorium lobby. Please make arrangements to pick up your orders during this time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

Also, please be advised that online sales are still open through the end of the year (Ship to Home option only), so if you missed the deadline, or want to raise some more funds, you can visit the website, www.clubschoicefundraising.com; School code – SHAW35


Dec. 17- Double header basketball pep-band game.  Report time of 5:30PM in the band room.  Band room will be locked by 5:50PM until the game ends.  Should wrap up with both games between 8:30-9:00PM.

band announcements Oct. 25-Nov. 1

Monday (Oct. 25th) – 6:45AM rehearsal.  No Monday night rehearsal, we’ve had our last one.
No early rehearsal on Wednesday, Oct. 27th.
Friday (Oct. 29th) – 6:45AM rehearsal.  We will load the equipment truck after school on Friday.  All larger wind instruments should be in cases and ready to load on truck.  We will fit as much as we can on the truck.
Saturday, Oct 30th itinerary for KBA marching fest. @ KU stadium:
Wear show shirt all day along with clothing for temperatures ranging from 40-60 degrees.  Bring your own water bottle and money for concessions.
5:30AM- band room opens.  Everyone in full uniform
6:10- wheels rolling via school bus for Lawrence, KS.
7:00- arrive at KU stadium, unload truck.  Arriving at corner of 11th and Mississippi.  We do not have prearranged parking, but we will be led by KU band staff.  Equipment bus goes into lot 94.  I will send maps later this week.
8:00- begin warmup process in parking lot
8:30- possibly move to warm-up area…or we might just stay in the parking lot.
9:00- depart for stadium
9:30- back to bus, get out of uniform and place them on uniform trailer.
10:00- I need to confirm with boosters (I will confirm later this week) but we will provide some sort of food for an early lunch.  After we eat, can walk to stadium for band performances and/or students may visit the KU student union.
2:00PM- all students must be in stadium at this point. To watch the final 6 bands high school bands.
3:45- watch KU marching band in exhibition
4:00- prelim awards ceremony
If we DO make finals:
6:30-9:30PM- finals performance somewhere in this timeframe, based on random drawing.  I need to confirm with boosters, but we will provide some sort of food for dinner and eat before or after our performance, based on our performance time.  We will also need to get back into uniform, and get back out of uniform after our performance.
9:30- finals awards ceremony
9:45- back to busses and depart for home
11:00ish- arrive at North, unload uniform trailer and equipment truck and dismiss.
If we DO NOT make finals:
4:15- back to bus, eat an early dinner provided by boosters and depart for North.
5:30ish- arrive at North, unload uniform trailer and equipment truck and dismiss.
STUDENTS- once we perform our show at 9:15AM, you are only allowed to be in the stadium or the KU student union.  You are not allowed to leave campus or be anywhere else for any reason.  We’ll talk more about this in class.
PARENTS: our band students get in free.  Admission for adults is $10.  Students/seniors and military is $5.  Admission is good for prelims and finals.  Parents, parking for all spectators will be on the west side of the stadium.
EVERYONE: Due to covid, all concessions at KU stadium are credit/debit card.  THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH FOR CONCESSIONS.  I know that might make purchasing for students a little tougher, but I’m hopeful families can think of alternatives.
Beginning, Monday, Nov. 1st, we will be inside for the remainder of the semester.
KMEA audition information:
I will be at North on Nov. 1st beginning at 6:00PM to help anyone with their KMEA audition video.  Please sign up in the band room.  Whether I help you, or you record your own video, I need all KMEA videos submitted to me by 7:40AM, Tuesday, Nov. 2nd.  Please use this link to send me the videos:
I need to underscore the KMEA submissions cannot be late.
Finally, please make good decisions regarding sleep this week.  Saturday will be a long day, but we can’t wait for you to have an incredible day at KU!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Oct. 11-18 lots of info-

Hello SMN band family-
Before we get into this week’s schedule, congratulations Shawnee Mission North varsity marchers, for a placing  2nd (out of 4) in the blue division at the Olathe Marching Invitational! Another huge shout out to the parents who were helping yesterday, running onto the field, holding our props up in a 30 mile an hour wind gust… Thanks for stepping in there when we needed you!
OK, this week’s quirky schedule:
Monday (Oct. 11th)- No EARLY rehearsal, get an extra hour of sleep.  We’ll start in the band room. *Seniors, help me remember to get the name of your escort for senior night, during this rehearsal. Monday night rehearsal is as normal, 6:30-8:30PM.
Tuesday is an “O” day, classes 1/3/5/7.  Varsity wind players will begin in the stadium promptly at 7:40AM warming up and rehearsing.
Wednesday- National day of testing, no rehearsal for anyone.
Thursday- “E” day (late start, 2, seminar,4,6).  Varsity percussion will begin in the stadium promptly at 8:50AM.
Friday- No school.  As stated on the summer/fall calendar, but we have a marching rehearsal from 9:00AM-noon on the stadium field.  This is a graded rehearsal.  So basically, we have Monday night and Friday morning, as we prepare for our final football game and marching festival this Saturday.
Continuing with Friday…
Home football game itinerary:
5:00PM- band room opens
6:15- report to upper field in full uniform, ready to go
6:45- perform our normal pregame show
7:00- game begins
7:45ish- perform halftime.
SENIOR NIGHT RECOGNITION: At conclusion of halftime performance, we will recognize senior band and dance team students.  Parents (or escorts of seniors), near the end of the 2nd quarter, we will ask you to move down to the track, and we’ll line you up in alphabetical order (by student’s last name) and give you a flower for your child.  When we call your child’s name, you will walk onto the field to meet them, give them a hug and a flower and stand by them until we call everyone’s name.
LIGHT-SHOW DETAILS: At the conclusion of halftime/senior recognition, ALL band members will report to the band room and turn in their uniforms.  Varsity marchers will then prepare for the Light show, which happens at the end of the game.  Students should at the very least, bring 2 flash lights (with fresh batteries) plus any other appropriate illumination, and report to the southwest corner of the stadium, wearing jeans and dark clothing.  You will them tape illumination to yourself.  At the conclusion of the game, we will perform our annual Lightshow.  We basically turn off all the stadium lights, and march our show in the dark, while individuals are illuminated.  It’s a lot of fun!
Saturday, Oct. 16- SMN MARCHING INVITATIONAL!  I will send out another email later this week with additional details.  Having said that, all varsity marchers should begin getting their uniform around 5:30PM.  Warmup begins at 6:15, and our performance is at 7:00.  Again, I’ll send a separate email with additional details.  Parents, please continue to sign up for job assignments, using this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0f4da4a72ba46-smnband
Another busy and exciting week ahead of us.  Go Marching Bison!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham
PS- we will not have early rehearsal on Monday, Oct. 18th, but we will have our evening rehearsal from 6:30-8:30PM.

band announcements Oct 4-9- FB game @ 2 festivals!

Early rehearsals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:45AM in the stadium
Block 7 band students, for Oct. 4th, 9th, 16th and 30th, please email me if you’re interested in traveling with the varsity group to help with props and other important aspects of the show.  You can participate with some or all of the events.  These dates are on the summer/fall band calendar.  Again, this is optional for block 7 band students.
PARENTS- we are looking for additional help on festival dates and football game for our props, which will now be utilized for all remaining shows.  Please use the signup genius link to help with either football game (Oct. 8 and/or 15th) or our festivals (Oct. 4th, 9th, 16th and 30th). We need 6-8 additional helpers for our props!  Use this link to sign up, and thank you in advance!  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090c44a8aa22a13-october1
Monday, Oct. 4th SMSD marching festival @ SM South (varsity only)
Students, please arrive wearing a  T-shirt, shorts AND LONG BLACK SOCKS. BRING OWN WATER BOTTLE.
4:00PM- begin loading truck, hopefully finished by 4:45, then break for an early and short dinner.
5:00- band room opens, distribute uniforms
5:30- busses depart for SM South
6:00- unload truck, begin warmup
6:55- head to stadium
7:00- performances begin.  There is no admission charge for this festival.  Order is West, East, North, Northwest, South. Parents, there is assigned seating by school.  If you’re looking at the field from the home stands, we’re around the 35-40yard line on the right hand side of the field.  Parents, we encourage all of you to stay for the duration…it’s really fun to watch those last two shows!
8:15ish- all 5 shows end, load truck and busses depart for North.
9:00ish- return to North, unload truck, turn in uniforms, dismiss.
Students need to stay for the duration and return back on bus, as this is a graded event (unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time).
Friday, Oct. 8th Homecoming parade AND football game- ALL band members
1:00ish- varsity band members report to band room, in show shirt and pants/shorts for parade.  Students, if you need to participate with another group other than band, please let Mr. Reed know.  You should be back to the school before 2:40PM in case you ride the bus.  Parade starts @ North, runs east on Johnson drive and ends at Lamar.
5:00PM- band room opens, distribute uniforms- BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE AND LONG BLACK SOCKS
6:15- attendance taken on upper field in full uniform, ready to go.
6:40- “Halftime” show, followed by national anthem and fight song/school song.  PARENTS- WE ARE PERFORMING THE SHOW BEFORE THE GAME, NOT AT HALFTIME due to Homecoming queen crowning festivities at halftime.  We strongly encourage you to be in the stands before 6:40PM so you can watch the full show.  By the way, we have the entire show on the field now, very exciting!
7:00- game begins, band plays in stands
7:45ish- varsity band will play one song at the beginning of halftime and then stand for homecoming queen crowning ceremony.
9:15ish- game concludes, turn in uniforms, dismiss.
Saturday, Oct. 9th– Olathe Marching Festival (varsity only)
9:00AM- band room opens, percussion loads truck
10:00- full band arrives, distribute uniforms, place empty uniform bag in trailer
10:45- depart SM North in full uniform
11:15- arrive @ Olathe NW, unload truck
12:05- physical warmup in parking lot
12:30- travel to warmup area
12:40- music warmup
1:10- move to stadium
1:20- on deck
1:40 back to busses
1:50- turn in uniform with @ uniform trailer in parking lot.  Eat sack lunch, load truck, back to stadium to watch other performances.
4:00- awards ceremony
4:15- back buses, depart for SM North
5:00- return to North, unload truck, return uniforms, dismiss.
Students, as this is the same day as the Homecoming dance, you may leave with a parent as soon as we’re finished performing, provided you’ve made your intentions known in this G doc (originally sent Sept. 19th).  Please do not make “day of” changes to the itinerary above, as this is a graded event.  Students, you do NOT need to fill this out if you are not leaving early.  Here is the G doc for Homecoming plans: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeRxJvkSXX9ZiQrG3roCeQt8zLK2G3OhiZs_zl02jU6QGjWWQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
Parents, Olathe Northwest is located at 21300 College Blvd. Olathe, KS.  There is a $10 cash only admission charge (students and senior citizens $5, children 4 and under are free) to be paid at the gate.  Parent helpers, we can get 10 of you in for free, but please plan on paying as we have more than 10 helpers.
Looking forward to a busy yet exciting week in band!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Sept. 20-24: Bonner & Home Game


Varsity band: early rehearsals on Monday/Wednesday/Friday of this week, beginning at 6:45AM.  Monday night rehearsal 6:30-8:30PM.
*ALL STUDENTS BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE.  You will have the ability to refill your own bottle, but you must bring your own.  Also, wear your 2021 show shirt and any color shorts/pants.  The forecast as of Sunday afternoon is a high of 71 degrees.
8:30 AM-percussion load truck
9:50- depart from North
10:20- arrive @ Bonner/unload truck
11:10- warm-up
11:40- official warm-up on field
12:25- clinic
12:55- leave clinic/load truck/eat lunch
2:00- depart Bonner
2:30 arrive at North/unload truck dismiss
In case you haven’t filled out your preference for a school lunch option at Bonner Springs, use the G form:
As discussed during rehearsal last week, although we are the last band of the day, there aren’t as many bands participating, hence the earlier performance time. Teachers have been notified that you will be gone for the duration of the day on Wednesday. Make sure to complete make up work ahead of time, if possible.
5:00PM- band room opens, begin uniform distribution.
5:45- “big brothers sisters“ meet Hocker grove students in parking lot, in full uniform.  Big brother/sister list will be posted by band office.
6:15- attendance taken on JV field, full uniform ready to go.
6:40- pregame begins
7:00- football game begin
745-ish- Halftime show. At conclusion of performance, all band parents, please report to the band room for our SMN Marching Invitational parent meet. Parents, I can’t stress enough that this is an “all hands on deck“ meeting. We will conclude the meeting before fourth quarter begins, so you can continue to watch the kids play in the stands during 4th quarter.
Parents, please use this Sign-up Genius for the October 16th Shawnee Mission North Marching Invitational! Job assignments will be discussed/explained at the meeting.  You can sign up during the aforementioned meeting, but if you want to get a head start, please do so:
Other upcoming events:
Oct. 4th (Monday) SMSD marching festival @ SM South.  7PM performance time, more info next week.
Oct. 5th (Tuesday) Block 4 jazz ensemble playing @ Hocker’s concert in auditorium, 7PM.
Oct. 8th– Home football game
October 9th– Olathe Marching Festival/Homecoming- our performance time is 1:30PM, which is later than I mentioned about a week ago. But you can still leave immediately after our performance as long as you communicate your plans. Please use this Google form if you want to leave early. Otherwise, we will leave around 4:00 PM via buses to go back to North. More details to follow in a couple weeks, but I wanted to get the 1:30 PM performance time on everyone’s radar.
G form for NOT riding back on the bus from Olathe marching festival, Oct. 9th:
Looking forward to a fun and busy week!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham


band announcements Aug. 30-Sept. 3

Band announcements, August 30th-September 3rd-

Please check out this great deal for a fleece hoodie that has the SM north band logo on it. Our vendor has to unload these overstocked items, so he’s selling us these hoodies basically at cost!  The sale ends September 10. The band boosters aren’t making any money on this, this just seems like a really inexpensive way to get a nice hoodie.  The only way to order is with this link, I hope some of you take advantage of this great deal.


Early rehearsals as scheduled, Monday and Wednesday morning, 6:45AM. Monday night rehearsal as scheduled, 6:30-8:30 PM. There will be no early rehearsal Friday, September 3rd. Although we would normally meet early Friday for a home football game, given the fact this is an “away” game and we’re not performing at halftime, I think it’s reasonable to let everyone sleep in that extra hour.

Instrument demos on Aug. 31 and Sept. 2nd 4-8PM, for those kids who signed up for this.  It’s not too late to help, use this signup if interested and available:


Friday, September 3rd is an “away” game vs. SM East AT North. This is our only football pep band opportunity of the season. This is a required event (as stated on the band calendar). JV students are invited and strongly encouraged to attend! No uniforms, just show shirt or other North apparel/colors. Report time of 6:10PM in the band room. We will warm up and then be in place at 6:40 PM, in time for SM East band to play the national anthem and pregame. Everyone needs to stay for the duration of the game unless something else has been set up before hand with parents. Games are usually over around 9:30 PM.

Then we have a three day weekend, which means no Monday night rehearsal on September 6th. So this places a lot of importance on this week’s rehearsals, which I’m sure will be outstanding!


Thank you everyone!

Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham

band announcements Aug. 23-27

Hello varsity band members-
We’re looking forward to a fun, yet warm week in band. 6:45 AM rehearsals on Mon/Wed/Fri as scheduled. However, winds and battery will start in the rose garden Mon/Wed. Front ensemble and dance team should set up on the stadium track. We will all be back on the field 15 minutes later, at 7:00 AM. Due to heat advisories, football team has the field from 5:40 7:00AM.
Monday nights rehearsal will start in the band room at 6:30PM. We will move out to the stadium field around 7:15 PM. Please dress for warm weather, and bring plenty of water.
Thursday, May 26th, battery has a short performance at 6:00PM. We are participating as part of the fall sports kick off.
Parents, please click the link below, which is a sign-up genius showing our needs for the month of September. If everyone can just do one thing, it makes it easy for everyone!
Thank you everyone for being so helpful in paying your $125 varsity band expense. If you have not paid that, please go to www.smnorthbands.org and click “group member payments”.  Thank you!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham


kicking off band at SM North fall 2021!

Hello everyone, welcome back!


As we’re getting back in the swing of things, a few announcements. First of all, please use the revised summer/fall band calendar. We’re subtracting a parade, adding a football game and flipping a Monday night rehearsal. I will send hardcopies home in ORANGE color.  DO NOT use the green colored calendar sent out in the spring.  😊


Varsity band (block 1) drumline (block 2) and JV band (block 7) will NOT play on Friday, Aug. 13th, but feel free to bring your instrument to school.  We will make sure everyone has a band locker.  Blocks 1,2 and 7 band classes will play beginning Monday, Aug. 16th.


Both jazz band classes will play the first day of school, Friday, Aug. 13th.  Please have your instrument at school for jazz band!



As stated on the band calendar, our first Monday night rehearsal is next Monday, August 16, from 6:30 to 8:30PM, on the stadium field.


Our first early morning rehearsal for varsity band is Wednesday, August 18 beginning at 6:45AM on the stadium field.  From that point on, we will have early rehearsals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings beginning at 6:45AM, unless otherwise stated. Early rehearsals will last through Friday, October 29.


Permission packets will be handed out next week. Your first 50 point assignment is to have them turned in by next Friday, August 20.


If anyone is interested in helping with the elementary school instrument demonstration nights, please use this link below. We’re looking for help on Tuesday, August 31, and Thursday, September 2.  These are optional opportunities, but students who can help learn lettering points.




Please continue to get rest and pace yourself as we finally began a somewhat normal school year. Mrs. Fillingham and I are really excited about the upcoming year in band, we’ll see you soon!

Final thoughts for 2020-21 school year

Hello band family-

Varsity members, I’m sending the drill writer the final numbers for the show, please make sure you can attend all band camp dates so we have a spot for you in the show. Email me with any scheduling conflicts. Band camp participation is also directly tied to JV and varsity lettering.

The ice cream social on July 24th is just that, free ice cream for all band members and their family!  Everyone will receive their show shirt, and sign up for uniform fittings, band booster info, etc.  We also collect band expenses that night, which is $125 for varsity and $75 for JV members.  We didn’t collect these funds last year due to the pandemic.  These funds cover show shirts, uniform cleaning, marching shoes, as well as helping paying expenses for show design, music arranging, contest fees, and other expenses not covered by the school district.  We will have an online payment option, most likely at available at www.smnorthbands.org

As we will not have access to skyward, the main vehicle of communication will be via ReMind, and this website.  As stated in a previous email, please make sure you’ve signed up for the appropriate ReMind classes so you get information over the summer and the upcoming school year.

Graduated seniors, best wishes with upcoming endeavors. Please stay in touch…you will be missed!


I’m really looking forward to working with all of you under somewhat normal circumstances this year. Continue to get rest, and try to be active during the summer months so band camp rehearsals are easier.  I’m glad we all got through this year, looking forward to the upcoming season.  Try to have some fun this summer!


Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham


2021-22 ReMind codes.


Text one or more of the following to 81010   Make sure the “@” sign is used

2021 Varsity Marching Band last name A-L.    @2021vmb1

2021 Varsity Marching Band last name M-Z:   @2021mvb2

2021 JV Marching Band:  @2021jvmb

2021 Student Staff:   @2021sstaff
(this is for section leaders and drum majors)