New updated itinerary for UCM/Warrensburg plans:


Friday, Oct. 27th, 2:40PM- all percussion and anyone wanting to earn lettering points, please help load the equipment trucks after school.  ALL wind instruments should have their instruments lined up by Friday after school…or you will need to take it with you on the bus!  Flutes/clarinets can bring their instruments on the bus, but I would prefer all other instruments are on the equipment trucks.


9:00AM- band room opens, begin loading uniform trailer.

9:30- full band at school, getting ready for visual rehearsal on field.

9:45- visual/marching rehearsal on field without instruments but wearing uniform hats.

10:30- load hats and depart SM North for Warrensburg

12:00PM- arrive at UCM parking lot (location TBD), unload truck, eat lunch in parking lot (provided by boosters), get into uniform.

2:00- musical and visual WARMUP

2:45- leave parking lot

3:00- stage for performance

3:15PM- performance

3:30- everyone stays in the stadium to watch the last 3 bands.

4:30- UCM Marching Mules performance & prelim awards ceremony


If we do NOT make finals, we head towards the busses, load truck and uniform trailer & eat dinner (provided by boosters), then head back to school.  Expected ETA to North would be around 7:15PM.


If we DO make finals, we will head back to busses, eat dinner (provided by boosters) warm up and perform, but not necessarily in that order, as it depends on when we play.  Finals performances run 6:00PM-8:15PM. Finals awards ceremony is at 8:45PM.  We will then load truck and uniform trailer and head back to North.  Depending on our performance time, we will arrive back to North somewhere between 11:00PM-12:30AM.