Tuesday, Jan. 23rd North Area Band Festival items:
Symphonic band and jazz ensemble, regarding Tuesday’s North Area band festival, we are planning to move forward, even if there’s no school Monday (Jan. 22nd). Even though Tuesday is an “EVEN” day, symphonic band members are excused from block 2 and should report to the field house with instrument and music.  As a reminder, this is an early day for ALL symphonic band members.  Percussion (and anyone wanting to earn lettering points) please arrive by 7AM in the field house.  In addition to setting up 300+ chairs, we also need EVERY music stand in the building, plus percussion, plus our sound system for the jazz ensemble.  All symphonic band members should report NO LATER THAN 7:15AM.  Please be early Tuesday, as there are so many moving parts as elementary students arrive during block 2.
-To clarify, concert band, freshman band and block 3 jazz band do NOT play at this event.  Block 2 concert band, we WILL rehearse during 2nd half of block 2 this Tuesday, please bring instrument and music to the field house.
-Report time for all symphonic band members is 6:30PM in the band room, in full uniform, ready to warm up.
-Report time for block 4 jazz ensemble is 6:10PM in the learning commons, with instruments in full uniform.  We are shooting the official KMEA program photo for our state convention performance.  After taking that photo, we will meet the rest of the symphonic band in the band room at 6:30PM.  I realize there is a possibility of a scheduling problem with swimmers and the fact it’s senior night.  If jazz band swimmers cannot make the 6:10PM learning commons time, we’ll have to take the photo AFTER the NAB fest- we’ll do what we have to do to get that photo!
                                    NEW FUNDRAISER FOR BAND:
Band fundraiser, Jan. 26th– Feb. 16th
I normally try not to overdo fundraising opportunities, but this one has a bigger scope than most fundraisers.  We are doing this to continue building on our success of last season’s marching band.  Bottom line, with props, drill design, music arranging, the marching season is expensive!  We’ve always depended on our SMN Marching Invitational to fund most of our needs, but if it ever rains that day or we don’t get enough bands, that resource could potentially not be there.
Kids/students, the only thing we need for you to do is create an account using the schoolfundr participation document, input 20 emails of people you know, and that’s it!  Parents, it would be great if you could help your child with this, as I’ve found teenagers don’t use email as much as adults/family!  Also, we’ve confirmed emails are not sold or used by 3rd parties, as soon as our fundraising window closes, they won’t be used again for anything.  Emails will be sent via schoolfundr.org to your family/friends to donate.  Your family/friends will receive an email every 2-3 days within our 21-day window.  Once someone donates, they will stop receiving emails during this 21-day window.
The beauty of this is that 100% of the donations go to our band!  There’s a suggested “tip” for the company that sets all this up for us, but it’s not required.  This is a really amazing opportunity.
To clarify, this is for the overall band needs, donations are not earmarked for a specific student’s band account.  This will also help us not raise the $75JV/$125 varsity band fee for next year.
To finish up, I’m super excited about next year’s marching season, and these funds will help us stay relevant and competitive!  Write back with any questions.
That’s it for now, looking forward to seeing all of you more often in class!
Mr. Reed