Hello everyone-

Looking forward to seeing new varsity marchers and JV marchers tomorrow morning from 8-11:30M on the stadium field.


NEW: Due to extreme hot weather, we’re making a change for next week. July 31st-August 8th, all rehearsals will BEGIN AT 7 AM and end at 3 PM. The extra hour of cooler weather will be much appreciated by all, as well as keeping everyone safer.


Students, if you think you could run into transportation issues with the earlier time, please reach out and ask someone for a ride… I am completely confident we can get everyone there as long as we know any possible transportation issues.


It is still very important that everyone realizes we are starting right on time, which is now 7 AM on the stadium field.


As always, please remember to wear light colored clothing, tennis shoes with socks (no sandals or flip flops), sunglasses, sunscreen… And I strongly encourage everyone to bring a large water container with plenty of ice, preferably a 1-gallon jug.  Band booster parents will be there to offer additional water, but please bring your own supply.  Several bands in the area have also moved their schedule back to 7AM time to beat the heat.


Cross country athletes, please communicate with coach Pope, as we’ve talked about sharing cross country and band times next week.


Parents, we are still looking for additional volunteers to work tomorrow, Friday as well as next week. Please visit the Shawnee Mission North Facebook page, as you can find a link to sign up.


Please email Mr. Reed with questions, and we’ll see everyone soon!

Mr. Reed