Dear band family-
There are simply no words to describe last Saturday at UCM.  Parents, you are truly amazing, self-sacrificing people.  Volunteering all day, many of you missing the show to hold a prop.  So many memories were created that day…parents, you are truly amazing!
Kids, what a rollercoaster afternoon.  Having an incredible prelims run, only to hear we didn’t make finals, then to learn we DID qualified for finals.  Then another great show!  Then once back to North after midnight, and everyone stayed to unload.  What a moment, what a day.  I’m getting a little emotional as I’m typing this!  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you everyone for making this marching season so memorable.
The only announcement is that varsity students will have the official yearbook photo in the field house this Wednesday (Oct. 26th) at 7:10AM.  Band room will open at 6:45AM, have full uniform and instrument.  We’ll take the full band photo, followed by drumline and group photos, followed by individual pictures.  Please don’t be late or miss it, or you won’t be in the marching band yearbook photo.
Also, here’s an announcement from our fundraising chair, Ms. Kronawitter:
Hello North Band Families,
Today we kick off our big fundraiser for the year. Packets will be going home with students today! I encourage everyone to take part in this opportunity to raise funds for your band kid. 40% of each participant’s sales will go directly to their individual account. For those of you participating in the upcoming band trip to Florida, these funds will be available to use for the final payment that is due on November 15. But, even if you’re not participating in this band trip, the funds that your student raises will be placed in their individual account, and can be used for yearly band fees and/or future band trips, which typically happen every 2 years. Your packet will contain all the information you need, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected], or 913-522-6163.
Maureen Kronawitter
Those traveling to Florida, your LAST installment is due Tues. Nov. 15th.  You can send a check to me at school (made payable to Shaw-Mi-No) or visit and click group member payments.
Well, that’s a wrap for the marching season.  What memory, what a season, what an incredible group of people we get to work with.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham