SM North band family-
Although I try to keep these emails to nuts and bolts, and itineraries, I’m going to use a little bit more prose on this one. We were so very proud of our band community yesterday.  The preparation from dozens of people truly paid off, as our large group of student and parent volunteers worked at the festival, it went off about as good as any invitational we’ve ever had. Thank you so much for everyone’s attention to detail, and work ethic. Varsity kids, your performance last night was probably the best of the year, so we are in a good place to make our final push for this coming Saturday. But to top off the invitational, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the evening, as so many of you stayed that extra hour to clean up our entire campus… That’s about as fast and efficient as we’ve ever been. It was basically close to a perfect day…Thank you everyone!  So let’s talk about this final week of marching band, as we prepare for Warrensburg.
Monday, Oct. 17- NO early rehearsal, rest up for our final Monday night rehearsal, which is 6:30-8:30PM in the stadium.  This is a 90 minute odd day, we’ll see winds but no percussion.
Tues.- regular “even” day of school so we’ll see varsity percussion, no winds.
Wed. -6:45AM rehearsal for varsity band.  This is an “odd” day.
Thurs.- regular “even” day of school so we’ll see varsity percussion, no winds.
Fri- P/T conferences during day, no school.  Although we originally had a 9-11AM rehearsal scheduled, we have been told we cannot rehearse between 8AM-3PM.  So we will have our final early morning rehearsal from 6:45AM-8:00AM.  For whatever it’s worth, we plan on bringing donuts for everyone.  😊
Saturday- UCM Warrensburg marching festival itinerary:
8:30- band room opens, checkout uniform
9:30- depart North to Warrensburg in uniform (uniform top off)
11:00- arrive at UCM, unload truck
12:00PM- eat lunch at bus.  Lunch provided by boosters.
12:45- walk to stadium
1:00- watch 5 bands
2:15- depart stadium, back to bus
2:30- arrive back to bus, uniform tops on
3:00- warm-up process
4:00- stage to gate
4:15- arrive at gate
5:15- prelim awards
If we do not make finals, back to bus, load and depart.  Sack dinner provided by boosters.
If we do make finals, look on ReMind app for further instructions.
9:15- finals awards ceremony
9:30- back to bus, load and depart.
– also, if participating with the Florida trip, please make sure accounts are funded to $1,800.  Shaw-Mi-No is receiving a final invoice this Thursday.  You also need to register with WorldStrides, per my email last Friday. 51 students and 10 adults have successfully completed this important step.
Again, we’re so proud of your accomplishments and efforts yesterday.  One more week, you’re doing great!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham