Monday, Sept. 19th- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity marching band.  We will begin in the band room, as the football team is using the stadium.  Varsity band also has 6:30PM-8:30PM, in which we will be in the stadium.  This is going to be a huge and very important rehearsal, as we’re bringing out all the props and full sound system!
Tuesday- regular day of school
Wednesday- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity marching band.  Later that day we have the Bonner Springs Marching Festival!  As many of you know, SMSD has a shortage of bus drivers this year.  The 3:15PM-4:45PM rehearsal time is due to the fact our busses cannot get to BSHS any sooner than 4:45PM, to bring us back to SM North.  Any students who are involved with another school activity on this day can have a parent pick their child up as early as 3:00PM, PROVIDED this has been set up in advance.  Communication is the key, please email me with specific scheduling issues.
Students, although the band will bring our orange water containers, PLEASE bring your own water, as Wednesday could still be a little warm.
There is currently a 30% chance of rain Wednesday afternoon.  There’s a small chance of just staying at North, but we plan on traveling to BSHS unless we know we’re going to get soaked for a long period of time.
Parents, this festival is free and open to the public.  The stadium address is 100 McDanield St. Bonner Springs, KS  66012
10:00AM- percussion students released from block 3, and report to band room, begin loading truck
11:00- all students eat 1st lunch
11:30- report to band room, continue loading truck
12:30- depart North in show shirt and any color shorts
1:00- arrive at BSHS, begin to unload truck
1:30- begin warmup routine
2:45- marching/music clinic with K-State music staff.  Begin loading sound equipment
3:15- clinic ends, will head inside for a break and rehearsal
4:45- load bus and travel home.
5:15- arrive @ North, unload truck.
Thursday- regular day of school
Friday- 6:45AM rehearsal for varsity marching band.
Also on Friday, we have an “away” football game @ SM North vs. SM East (East is the home team).  Report to band room no later than 6:20PM.  We will walk over around 6:35PM to the away side of the stadium .  Game begins at 7:00PM.  As per the calendar, this is a required performance for varsity band members, and block 7 band members are strongly encouraged to attend.  Students who have another school activity, please let Mr. Reed know.
Also, and I know this sounds sort of funny, but please DO NOT WEAR your show shirt to this game!  I love our show entitled “Out of the Blue”…but we will look sort of funny if the North pep-band is wearing all blue when playing SM East!  So any clothing that’s school related or red/black colors.
MISC. announcements:
-Students, as we are preparing for October, please email Mr. Reed with any dietary restrictions that we need to be aware of when providing food for the band.
-As the deadline for changing participation status for Florida expired last Friday, we plan on sending a final trip roster via email within the next 7-10 days.  Ms. Duckworth will be preparing refund checks this week, but please allow 7-10 days to get everything organized.  Thanks for your patience.
That’s it for now!  Really getting excited about the upcoming festival performances over the next 5 weeks!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham