Monday (Oct. 25th) – 6:45AM rehearsal.  No Monday night rehearsal, we’ve had our last one.
No early rehearsal on Wednesday, Oct. 27th.
Friday (Oct. 29th) – 6:45AM rehearsal.  We will load the equipment truck after school on Friday.  All larger wind instruments should be in cases and ready to load on truck.  We will fit as much as we can on the truck.
Saturday, Oct 30th itinerary for KBA marching fest. @ KU stadium:
Wear show shirt all day along with clothing for temperatures ranging from 40-60 degrees.  Bring your own water bottle and money for concessions.
5:30AM- band room opens.  Everyone in full uniform
6:10- wheels rolling via school bus for Lawrence, KS.
7:00- arrive at KU stadium, unload truck.  Arriving at corner of 11th and Mississippi.  We do not have prearranged parking, but we will be led by KU band staff.  Equipment bus goes into lot 94.  I will send maps later this week.
8:00- begin warmup process in parking lot
8:30- possibly move to warm-up area…or we might just stay in the parking lot.
9:00- depart for stadium
9:30- back to bus, get out of uniform and place them on uniform trailer.
10:00- I need to confirm with boosters (I will confirm later this week) but we will provide some sort of food for an early lunch.  After we eat, can walk to stadium for band performances and/or students may visit the KU student union.
2:00PM- all students must be in stadium at this point. To watch the final 6 bands high school bands.
3:45- watch KU marching band in exhibition
4:00- prelim awards ceremony
If we DO make finals:
6:30-9:30PM- finals performance somewhere in this timeframe, based on random drawing.  I need to confirm with boosters, but we will provide some sort of food for dinner and eat before or after our performance, based on our performance time.  We will also need to get back into uniform, and get back out of uniform after our performance.
9:30- finals awards ceremony
9:45- back to busses and depart for home
11:00ish- arrive at North, unload uniform trailer and equipment truck and dismiss.
If we DO NOT make finals:
4:15- back to bus, eat an early dinner provided by boosters and depart for North.
5:30ish- arrive at North, unload uniform trailer and equipment truck and dismiss.
STUDENTS- once we perform our show at 9:15AM, you are only allowed to be in the stadium or the KU student union.  You are not allowed to leave campus or be anywhere else for any reason.  We’ll talk more about this in class.
PARENTS: our band students get in free.  Admission for adults is $10.  Students/seniors and military is $5.  Admission is good for prelims and finals.  Parents, parking for all spectators will be on the west side of the stadium.
EVERYONE: Due to covid, all concessions at KU stadium are credit/debit card.  THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH FOR CONCESSIONS.  I know that might make purchasing for students a little tougher, but I’m hopeful families can think of alternatives.
Beginning, Monday, Nov. 1st, we will be inside for the remainder of the semester.
KMEA audition information:
I will be at North on Nov. 1st beginning at 6:00PM to help anyone with their KMEA audition video.  Please sign up in the band room.  Whether I help you, or you record your own video, I need all KMEA videos submitted to me by 7:40AM, Tuesday, Nov. 2nd.  Please use this link to send me the videos:
I need to underscore the KMEA submissions cannot be late.
Finally, please make good decisions regarding sleep this week.  Saturday will be a long day, but we can’t wait for you to have an incredible day at KU!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham