SM North Marching Indians band family-

We are canceling Friday’s rehearsal/conditioning. We will continue to meet tomorrow and Thursday morning, as scheduled, 8-11 AM.  This will allow us to introduce the remaining fundamentals we had hoped, as well as play through the entirety of Pirates of the Caribbean show.  We’re canceling Friday’s rehearsal since we will not be preparing drill for a marching show after this week, due to the district’s decision for remote learning.

We want to stress that if you feel attending Wednesday or Thursdays rehearsal is not in your best interest, that we completely understand if you’re not there. Having said that, we wanted to give you the choice to have two additional mornings of rehearsals, and to enjoy the marching experience, as short as it may be.

On a personal level, at the very least, the emotional breath of fresh air, working with all of you, as you enjoy working with each other, has been a wonderful experience the last two days. We hope to see you tomorrow morning at 8AM on the field.  Regardless, Ms. Fillingham and I respect and appreciate each and every one of you.

Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham