Band banquet and senior recognition will be held Thursday, June 4th, beginning at 6:30pm. The “banquet“ will be held first for all band students, via live YouTube link. We will announce letter recipients, outstanding band student awards, and other shout-outs, and we will watch a video from last year‘s marching band show.  Approximately 30 minutes later, we will have a Zoom meeting, just for seniors and their family members. This is where we will share senior memories for each student. It will be nice that we can at least see each other at the same time, and honor our seniors.  Please spread the word about both of these events.
The band banquet link will be sent in the next few days. Please watch for an email with this information.
Senior Memory Zoom:
Meeting ID: 852 5667 0348
Password: Senior2020
Seniors, if you could do us a huge favor of returning anything you might still have as soon as the school year starts. Original music, uniforms, mutes or any other small items. Everything you return is that much less money we have to spend on replacing anything.
Seniors…you can stop reading this email at this point, as everything below pertains to next year.
Beginning next Friday, May 29th, we will use the new ReMind codes for the 2020-21 school year: Remind only allows 150 people in each class, hence the reason we have to split the varsity marching band class into two. Parents, feel free to sign up for this service as well. This is the quickest way we can get short bursts of information to everyone. Especially with the possibility of things changing due to the world we live in, urgent information will be sent via Remind text.
Varsity marching band, student last name A-M.
Varsity marching band, student last name N-Z
Varsity drumline
Student staff/section leaders
Four lists have been posted in the Google classroom. All varsity marching band participants, Crimson Tribe audition results, drumline audition results, and the section leaders list. Please contact me if you feel there is an error. Especially look at the marching band list. If you should be on there and you’re not, or you’re not going to participate, please let me know either way. We will begin writing the drill for the show very soon, and we need an exact number.
Attention all 9th-11th graders: We have been asked to play for this year‘s graduation ceremony on July 15th. please look for a sign up in Google classroom, that you will commit to play in the graduation band. We will meet at 6:00PM to rehearse, and graduation begins at 8:00PM.  We will play Pomp and Circumstance, the national anthem and the fight song. We will practice one hour before graduation begins, go outside and then go for it! Again, please sign up in the Google classroom. More details to follow.
Anyone interested in renting an instrument for the summer, please sign up in Google classroom and specify which instrument. I’m working on a way to get these instruments to you, and I hope to have instruments ready for you as soon as two or three weeks. Many of our instruments are currently in the shop being cleaned and repaired.
Varsity wind players, the 2020 marching band music has been uploaded in Google classroom! Please start practicing, with the idea that you can play most of the show before band camp begins! Also listen to the show so you can get a good idea of how everything goes.  FYI- some of the solos might change to different instruments, we will revisit this once camp starts.
A slight change to varsity band camp, due to Covid.  There is a good chance we will not be allowed to have large numbers of band students in the same room due to social distancing, so ,we need to plan on most of camp being held outdoors.  As a result, instead of having camp 8AM-4PM every day, we will rehearse 8AM-noon, have a long break, and then practice 6-9PM.  The evening session will primarily be music and outside, but the later time will allow us to play when it’s not as hot. Please make sure both sessions EVERY DAY can work in your schedule.
All varsity marching band students, make sure you have filled out the calendar conflict form on G classroom.  THIS IS REQUIRED FOR YOUR SPOT IN THE SHOW TO BE SOLIDIFIED.
Thanks for everyone’s patience while dealing with end of year announcements as well as planning for next year.  I would rather tell everyone in person why this has taken so long, but decisions have been difficult to make when we haven’t been told what we’re allowed to do.  This isn’t really anyone’s fault, as our world is fairly volatile.  But…we are REALLY looking forward to working with all of you again.
Stay safe, and we’re looking forward to June 4th.  Visit the G classroom soon to review various lists and download the marching band music.
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham