Dear north band family-

First off, Ms. Fillingham and I really miss you guys. We all know we’re dealing with an unfortunate reality, but we’re going to make the fourth quarter meaningful, productive and memorable.

There are so many questions, but we are going to have to place much of it on hold until a game plan is in place. Please be patient.


 Final opportunity to get your instrument out of the band room if you have not already done so:  Please email me no later than 5 PM tomorrow (March 24), if you need your instrument out of the band room. This does not mean summer rentals, personal belongings, even music folders. This is strictly in the event your personal instrument is still in the band room. This will be the only opportunity for the foreseeable future for you to get your instrument.

At 11:00AM this Thursday (March 26), we will go into the band room and bring your instruments outside in the west parking lot. One at a time, you can get out of your cars, pick up your instrument and depart. At no time, should more than one student be outside of their car while getting their instruments. No one will be allowed in the school at any time. I do not know the next time anyone will have access to the band room. Again, email me by tomorrow (March 24) so that I can pull your instrument.


I sent a Remind text out about 20 minutes ago. If you did not get it, but want to get reminder texts, please text @fgce42 to the number 81010. It doesn’t matter which class you were in fall or spring semester.

Everyone needs to sign up for the following Google classroom. It’s entitled North bands 4th quarter 2020. The code is bk3m2w6. We will send assignments, videos and other events to this classroom. In fact, there’s a video waiting for you there now!


Finally, set your alarm clock every day and get projects done! Not just music, anything and everything.


I promise we will talk more about varsity and jazz auditions, music, etc. as soon as we can.


We’re also looking forward to seeing you on the WebEx platform very soon, more information to follow.


Ms. Fillingham and I have always been very proud of you. Let’s make the fourth quarter of the school year better than any of us could possibly imagine.


Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham