Update on tomorrow nights game (Sept. 26th):
-Thursday’s schedule will be exactly like Friday was supposed to be. Band room opens at 5:00PM, attendance taken on JV field at 6:00, varsity plays the entire show beginning at 6:40. Halftime will be a shortened varsity show, followed by homecoming ceremony.
–  any cross country runners who are leaving for Minnesota at 6:00AM the following morning, will be encouraged to leave immediately after the halftime show, to prepare for the trip.
–  this Friday mornings early rehearsal has been canceled, class time rehearsals only. With a game Thursday night, a parade Friday afternoon and a parade Saturday morning, I think everyone could use an extra hour of sleep, especially having had a home game the night before.
 We’ve had very few scheduling problems, so it looks like the vast majority of the band will be there tomorrow night, so the halftime show is on! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!