-Bring Water to Monday night rehearsals!  It will be somewhat hot on the field Monday night.

– Saturday, Aug. 24th Mission parade has been moved to October.  Therefore, we will not have any activity this coming Saturday, and we will not march that parade in October since we’re already busy that month.

– make sure you have your coordinates and flip folder Monday morning, as we will begin learning new drill.

– there’s already a small collection of clothes left in the band room.  I’ve placed them in a box on the white table.  I’ll empty that box every week or so.  If you’re missing clothing, please check that box.

– remember that your participation grade will be affected by tardiness.  You can’t participate if you’re not there!  Thanks in advance for making sure you’re on the stadium field by 6:45AM.  I encourage everyone to get there a little early, to make your day less stressful!  😊