– senior students, pictures (for the band banquet video) are due next Friday, April 12th.  Email pics to [email protected]
-April 6th is the regional solo/ensemble festival @ Olathe South high school.  See previous email with attachment for performance times.  A huge thank you to all parents who volunteered to help with this festival.  We met our quota, and all the high schools in SM, Olathe and Blue know we did!
-Monday, April 8th– Contest Concert @ 7:00PM in North auditorium.  Report time of 6:30PM in band room.  Should be in full uniform and ready to warm up.  This concert is for blocks one and two only.  The concert should last about one hour or less.  This is a required concert for blocks one and two.
Wednesday, April 10th– Large group state contest @ Blue Valley Southwest high school.  This is a repeat of the April 8th concert, but in front of adjudicators.  Everyone is welcome and no admission, but it’s obviously tougher to attend since it’s during the day and further away.  If you’re available, please drop by at the following times:
Block 2 Concert Band performance: 10:00AM
Block 1 Symphonic Band performance: 11:35AM
Friday, April 12th– “Jazz on the Bridge” Jazz festival @ SM West high school (jazz bands only)
Block 4 Crimson Tribe reports at 6:00PM in the SM West band room for warm up, and performs at 6:30PM on the bridge at SM West.  Then stay and watch block 3 and 7:20PM.
Block 3 Jazz Band reports no later than 6:30PM to watch block 4, then warms up and performs at 7:20PM in the West cafeteria. Parents, no admission cost, but they serve bbq and side items, we encourage you to eat dinner there.
Saturday, April 13th– Middle school solo/ensemble festival.  Students, are you looking for some final service points for lettering?  Please contact Ms. Balsinger at [email protected] if you are available to work between 7:30-11:30AM.  5 service points awarded for a full shift.  You can still work if you’re not available the entire time, but work everything out with Ms. Balsinger using the email address above.