Hello everyone-

I hope your summer is still restful and you’re continuing to spend time in the sun!  A few key points before we start everything for the 2018-19 school year. Everything is fairly self-explanatory on the calendar, but some points of interest:


– July 21 Ice Cream Social.  This will be held at 4:00PM, NOT 7:00PM, so you have another Saturday evening free.  😊. The Ice Cream social is for everyone (varsity and JV) and serves several purposes, other than getting free ice cream.  All students receive their show shirt as long as their band fees are paid (more on that below).  We will also have instrument rental information, parent volunteer needs signup, marching uniform information, booster shirts available, etc.


– payment information– varsity is $125/year, JV is $75/year and drill team is $50/year.  You can pay via check at the ice cream social OR anytime you want at www.smnorthbands.org  by clicking the “Group Member Payments” tab.  There’s small fee for this service that goes directly to PayPal, which is why a $125 payment costs $129.04.  If you pay in advance, you can pick up your shirt, get some ice cream and take off whenever you want!  We are strongly encouraging everyone to pay online before July 21st, if possible.  This fee covers your marching shoes, uniform cleaning, show shirt, flip folder/lyre as well as sharing the general costs of running a marching band.


Checklist to prepare for band camp:


-Continue to spend time outside over the next couple weeks, even if you’re laying out by the pool.

-Eat a healthy breakfast every morning, which includes protein.

-get plenty of sleep (don’t stay up late) and drink plenty of water when you’re home.

– please don’t drink soda during camp, and keep caffeine to a minimum.

– wear light colored shorts/T-shirts, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and tennis shoes with socks.  No flip flops.

-BRING A ONE GALLON ice container, preferably filled with ice water.  I always stick my filled gallon container in the freezer the night before.  The boosters will provide additional water for everyone, but you need to bring your own supply one gallon supply.

– Of course, bring your instrument, and last year’s flip folder/lyre (if you have one).

– varsity students, bring money for lunch on our 8AM-4PM days.  Of course, you can always bring your lunch, as many kids do.


August 3rd Band Camp Picnic.  This is for everyone, varsity and JV.  Food is $6 for dinner (students and all guests), catered by Two Guys and a Grill.  After eating at 6:00PM in the cafeteria, the varsity kids will demonstrate the portion of the show they’re learned, followed by all students/alum playing our yearly “drill down” game, always a highlight of the evening!


We will also have a brief band booster meeting in the choir room at the conclusion of the drill down, in which we vote on the upcoming booster budget.  Parents, this is a great time to get “plugged in” with our parent group.  We have a lot of graduating seniors this year, so we would be thrilled to have a record turnout to this meeting.  We usually keep this meeting under 30 minutes.


Again, Ms. Fillingham and I are looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Thanks for everyone’s continued communication with scheduling conflicts, etc.  Stay rested, get some exercise, and we’ll see you soon!

Mr. Reed


Our band website is always a good source of information: