2018 varsity band members:

Mark Schelish, a former DCI veteran and clinician for over 20 years has been a tremendous help to us in the past.  He’s highly sought after as a marching clinician and has been an invaluable part of our past successes.  Unfortunately, he has been recently called on an overseas trip during our May 30th/31st varsity marching rehearsals, thus a need to reschedule.

I really hate rescheduling events on the calendar, as I respect and appreciate everyone’s attempt at clearing other priorities in their lives to make all rehearsals and performances.  In this case, we really don’t have a choice other than to cancel.

Therefore, we are canceling the May 30th/31st rehearsals and rescheduling them for Saturday, May 19th, from 9AM-2PM at the North stadium.  If you have unavoidable conflicts that cannot be rescheduled, please email me as soon as possible, and of course it will be an excused absence.  We will wrap up by 2PM, thus allowing anyone to attend graduation parties, work schedules and other commitments.  I realize there are situations (state bound athletes, etc) that cannot attend, but please plan on attending unless there is no way to do so.  The “glass half full” outlook is that we will wrap up all band activities before Memorial day, thus making the summer a little longer.  We are also combining two rehearsals into one, to maximize and respect everyone’s valuable time.

Again, please contact me ASAP if you cannot attend the May 19th marching rehearsal.  To clarify, this is for varsity band members.  Thanks for everyone’s understanding-


Mr. Reed


No change in the May 21st pizza party (6:00-7:30PM).  All JV and varsity members should attend this brief music rehearsal.  We will also complete all summer rentals after the rehearsal ends.  More detailed information to follow.