Itinerary for Oct. 17-27:

Friday, Oct. 20th- early rehearsal beginning at 6:45AM.

To clarify, there will NOT be an early rehearsal tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 18th).  Also, there is no Monday night rehearsal on Oct. 23rd.

6:45AM early rehearsal next Monday and Friday, Oct. 23rd and 27th.

Next Friday, Oct. 27th– possible away football game.  If we play an SMSD football team, we are expected to have a pep-band.  If it’s a non SMSD team, we will not have a pep-band.  If we have a pep-band, it could still be here at North, as one of the possible opponents is SM Northwest.  We should know for sure by next Monday.  Football pep-bands are optional for JV and varsity students, but lettering points are awarded.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL 10TH-12TH GRADERS AUDITIONING FOR KMEA District band.  The Audition date is Saturday, November 4th, not November 11th, as stated on the band calendar.  Auditions will be held at Olathe East high school.

The itinerary for the Warrensburg marching festival (Oct. 28th) will be sent out within a few days.  Varsity, please plan on an 8:00AM (or thereabouts) rehearsal, followed by loading, traveling to CMU, and a performance time of 2:15PM.  Again, more details to follow.