April 29- State solo/ensemble festival, Washburn Rural HS, as scheduled.  This affects 8 students, and they have their schedules.  Make sure you have your 2 original copies, one of which that has numbered measures.  Do not assume anyone has those two originals.


May 1st & 3rd- drumline clinic/help session, 3:30-4:30 in band room.  Percussionists interested in auditioning for varsity percussion should please attend.


May 3- 5th/6th grade concert @ Hocker, 7:00PM.  Ms. Fillingham would like more HS players, please sign up by band office.


May 5- Pizza Jazz, cafeteria, 5:30-9:30PM.  3rd block jazz plays 6:40-7:10PM, Crimson Tribe plays at 9:10PM.  This is a graded event for jazz students.  All jazz students should stay for duration, and wear jazz uniform.  EVERYONE encouraged to attend.  Free admission.  $6.00 all you can eat pizza (from Papa Johns) or $2.00 per slice.  Come and go, as you watch North Relays, which occurs at the same time.  


May 6- Drumline varsity auditions.  All students interested in battery/front ensemble need to attend.  9AM-noon, in band room.


May 9- Spring Concert, 7:00PM in auditorium.  All band students should report no later than 6:30PM in band room.  No specific color coordination for clothing.  Should last about 80 minutes.  This is a graded event for all band students.  


May 11- Band Banquet!  Dinner served in cafeteria around 5:50PM.  Arrive no later than 6:15PM for food.  Program begins around 6:30PM and usually wraps up around 8:45ish.  This is a VERY SPECIAL evening for everyone, including awards, letter recipients, senior memories, band video, etc.  Although not a required event, we usually have 250+ in attendance.  Cost is $9.00 for dinner (catered by Don Chilitos buffet).  Please dress business casual.  Front seats are reserved for 12th graders and their families.  Although you’re not required to eat in order to attend, please plan on eating with us…again, a very memorable night!  Everyone pays at the door, no advance tickets.


May 17- Graduation Band.  Roll taken at 6:15PM in band room for all 9th-11th graders.  This is a graded event.  Dress nice!  Guys, shirt/tie, ladies, appropriate dress/shirt.  This will be on TV!  Graduation begins at 7:00PM.  Parents of 9th-11th graders, there is not an expectation for you to attend, as this is a service 9th-11th grade students perform for graduating seniors.  Usually lasts until 9:00PM.


May 22- Indoor marching band rehearsal.  Section leaders report no later than 5:30PM.  All other varsity AND JV students should report no later than 6:30PM.  Calendars and music will be handed out to everyone.  All 8th-11th graders will play next year’s pep-band music!  The first time the 2017 Marching Indians get together!  We feed current 8th graders and section leaders at 6:00PM.  SUMMER RENTALS completed on this night.  Checks for $27 made out to SMSD (not Shaw-Mi-No) and contract need to be signed before taking instruments home for the summer.  Although school is out for the summer, this is a fun night…please make sure you can attend!


May 24th/25th- Required varsity marching rehearsal, 4:00-8:00PM on stadium field.  No instruments needed, just marching, with marching expert, Mark Schleish.  Again, required for next year’s varsity participation…the first step in another award winning marching season!  Please contact Mr. Reed if there is a scheduling conflict.  The marching drill will be created after these rehearsals.  

Remember kids, we never wind down a school year, we ramp up to the end!

Mr. Reed