Regional Solo & Ensemble performance locations and times are now posted in the band room and were emailed out today.  Good luck everyone…we have more kids involved this year than ever before!

April 3rd/4th- S&E accompanist rehearsals times have been adjusted by 15 minutes or so.  Students, please see new schedule, posted by band office.  

Attention all athletes- As we encounter the typical situation of rescheduled games/meets, please make sure you communicate any potential athletics/band conflicts with me.  Please assume I do not know if something has changed.  The sooner we know how to work a scheduling conflict, the better chance of success of working it out!

April 7- Both Jazz Bands perform at SM West…details as follows: Block III Jazz band, report to SM WEST’s band room by 4:30PM, with a performance time of 5:00PM.  Block IV Crimson Tribe, report time of 5:00PM (to watch block III) with a performance time of 6:30PM. Both bands can leave (if they wish) after Block IV is finished around 7:00PM.  

Please keep last week’s email pertaining to details of:

April 3- Symphonic band festival at SM EAST (symphonic band only)

April 8- Solo & Ensemble Festival at Olathe SOUTH

April 10- NOTHING, no concert scheduled