Attention students AND parents: we need several volunteers to help with the April 8th regional solo & ensemble festival, to be held at Olathe South HS.  Please visit the link below to volunteer.  Students will receive lettering points. Parents will receive parent lettering points…OK, there is no such thing as parent lettering points, but we need need several PARENTS, if you are available.  Please see the following link:

Upcoming events:

March 27- REQUIRED COLORADO TRIP MEETING.  North auditorium, beginning at 6:00PM, lasting about an hour.  All participating students  AND ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN, needs to attend.  Please bring a pen, as well as HEALTH INSURANCE INFORMATION.  I am required to meet with all participants and parent/guardian to complete permission forms, waivers, heath information, etc.  This is the only meeting regarding the Colorado trip.  Roll will be taken.  If you are not in attendance, I will need to reschedule a makeup meeting with you- please make sure you can attend this meeting, thank you!

March 28/29- solo&ensemble accompanist rehearsals.  If you are not on the list (posted in the band room), this does not apply to you.  We have hired these professional accompanists, and we cannot reschedule them.  We are looking forward to wonderful performances at this year’s S&E festival.

March 30- uniform cleaning party!  Any students who cab help with marching band uniform preparation from 3:00-4:30PM after school, to receive lettering points, we would really appreciate your help.  

March 31- percussion recital at Blue Valley West HS (percussion ensembles from blocks I and II only).  Block II percussionists should report to BV West no later than 5:30PM for your 6:00PM perfomrnace.  Block I percussionists should report no later than 6:00PM (to watch block II) for your performance which begins at 7:00PM.  Please keep rush hour traffic in mind when traveling to BV West.  All percussionists should wear black top-bottom attire.  

April 3- SMSD Symphonic band festival at SM EAST.  All symphonic band members should report no later than 6:30PM, in symphonic band uniform, in the SM EAST choir room) for the 7:00PM concert.  All sym. band members need to stay for the duration, as this is a graded concert.  Parents, this is a wonderful concert to celebrate music in SMSD!  The concert should last until 8:30PM.  Again, this is at SM EAST.

April 3/4- solo&ensemble accompanist rehearsals.  Same kids as March 28/29, with slightly shorter times.  This should be a “run through” rehearsal.

April 7- All jazz students, performance at SM West’s “Jazz On The Bridge”.  Exact concert times TBA, but will range for 5-8PM.  Jazz students should wear designated jazz uniform.  No admission price, everyone is welcome!  Again, this is at SM WEST.

April 8- Regional Solo & Ensemble Festival at Olathe South.  Exact performance times are TBA, buy once I receive them, I will forward immediately.  Future email will have detailed information.

April 10-  NO CONCERT SCHEDULED.  Although we’re usually had a “contest concert” (as listed on current band calendar), due to jazz concerts, S&E festival, and the Colorado trip all occurring with 10 days, we will try to work our contest songs in at another concert.  

April 12- Large Group State Band Festival, symphonic band concert band members only.  Specific performance times locations are TBA.  As soon as I have that information, I will forward to you.  Freshman band will have their contest festival on April 20th during the day, more information to follow in future emails.

April 12-15- Winter Park, CO Band Trip

Other than than, not much going on over the next 4 weeks…

Looking forward to an exciting 4th quarter with SM North band! 

Mr. Reed