Tuesday, Feb. 14- double header basketball game.  Report time of 5:30PM.  

Wednesday, Feb. 15th- DEADLINE FOR ALL COLORADO PAYMENTS.  Please submit a check to the booster treasurer, Mr. Reed, or through PayPal via the band website.  Go to www.smnorthbands.org and click on “group member payments”.  The boosters need to pay for final condo costs, as wells bussing and festival registrations.  Please visit www.charmsoffice.com login to view current balance due.

Monday, Feb. 21- double header basketball game.  Report time of 5:30PM.

Several random, but very important announcements:

All interested students should sign up, by the band office, for the KSHSAA Solo & ensemble festival, which will be held on Saturday, April 8th.  This is optional to all band students, but JV and varsity lettering points will be awarded.  Sign up no later than this Thursday, February 16th.  

Finish signing up, by the band office, for the Colorado bussing lists, by this Thursday, February 16th.

BAND CAMP DATES for summer 2017 are now posted on the main page of the band website (right hand side).  Parents, please plan travel/vacation plans around these dates.  As a parent of three, I know that can be challenging, but it’s important our entire band is together for summer rehearsals.  FYI- all band camp dates are reciprocal dates as last summer.

July 21- Student Leadership train/work day 9AM-4PM

July 22- Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 8AM-4PM

July 24-26 Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 5-9PM

July 25/26 JV & new varsity marchers 8-11:30AM

July 27 Ice Cream Social (everyone) 7:00PM

July 27-Aug. 4 Band Camp (varsity/ no weekends) 8AM-4PM

Aug. 4 Band Camp (everyone) 6-7:30PM

SENIORS- please begin submitting baby/child and high school pictures to our senior video producer at [email protected]  3-6 pictures would be ideal, ages 0-18 of your life!  You can submit hard copies to Mr. Reed, and you will get them back after the video is made.  DEADLINE FOR SENIOR PICTURES is Friday, March 31st.  The sooner, the better.  Seniors, thanks in advance for your help with this huge project.

Friday, March 3rd- SPRING SWING!!! Although both jazz bands (and Hocker) will perform, EVERYONE is invited to attend this party.  Students tickets are $7 at the door, and adults are $15.  This includes 2+ hours of dance music, free swing/dance lesson, food and drink, including our famous chocolate fountain!  The party runs from 6:30-8:30PM in the North cafeteria.