Friday, Feb. 3- double header basketball game, “Hall of Fame” night.  Report time of 5:30PM for pep-band in band room.  PARENTS, the school booster organization is asking help from band parents at this game.  Since they helped purchase our new marching banner (which matches our new uniform color), please consider clicking the link below to help  Apologies for the late notice on this.  

Tuesday, Feb. 7- CHILI SUPPER– all band students involved.  Admission is free, but read below for food.  Participating band students pay as well, but notice the low cost…we just want everyone to eat together!

5:15PM- jazz band report to band room, warm up

5:45- EVERYONE encouraged to eat in the cafeteria while jazz bands play.  $5.00/person, children 5 and under $3.00.  Dinner includes chili, cheese, hotdog, dessert, condiments.  The idea is for everyone to eat, please don’t eat at home or go somewhere else…we’ve ordered 250+ servings of chili.  

6:30ish- after eating, everyone walks to auditorium to listen to: 6th grade honor band, freshman band, concert band, symphonic band.  Everything should wrap up by 7:30PM.  

STUDENTS: start eating around 5:45PM in cafeteria.  Be in auditorium no later than 6:40ish, after you finish your meal for the concert in the auditorium.  Casual formal attire requested, no specific color coordination.  Jeans, shorts, jerseys, etc.  Symphonic band members, do not wear your uniform!  

PARENTS, please visit the following link, we need more volunteers to help, etc.

Wednesday, Feb. 8- Northern Exposure.  No bands performing.  Will need a few upperclassman students to speak with 8th graders in band room from 6:30-8:00PM.  

Tuesday, Feb. 14- double header b-ball game.  Should be a “sweet” game.  


– band students should sign up for marching band, regardless of JV or varsity designation (1/2 credit).   Exception, if you know you’re in varsity percussion, please sign up for “instrumental ensemble” class in the fall.  Also sign up for symphonic or concert band in spring (1/2 credit).  Final spring placement depending on auditions next November.  Also sign up for Jazz 1, it’s a great class!  The only prerequisite is to be in a large ensemble in addition to jazz (i.e. marching, concert, etc).  Sign up for Jazz 2, if you’re already in that class.  Auditions for jazz placement this May.

-NEW- Music theory offered block 2.  This a great class, especially if you want to major (or minor) in music when yo go to college…it will REALLY help you!  Open to all juniors and seniors.  FYI- this is no longer an IB music class, it’s strictly music theory.  Will discuss more in class.

-if interested in taking Med Sci class as a junior next year, you can still take band, so sign up!  We are working out the details pertaining to how both semesters will work..don’t worry!

Colorado- ALL participants now have their username and password (document given in class).  Parents, BEFORE NEXT MONDAY, please visit  use the username/password given to your child, and fill out all information…it should only take 10 minutes.  They need this information ASAP.  FYI- I cannot send the document electronically, it was sent to me as a 113 page PDF, which I had to print.  Each participant was given a paper with all the necessary information on it.  

The bands are doing great this semester…keep up the good work!

Mr. Reed