Greetings 6th grade band family!
Hopefully, by now you have had the opportunity to discuss the possibility of your student playing in the sixth grade honor band. Unfortunately, for many students, the major obstacle in playing in this awesome group is just a matter of being able to get from the elementary school over to the high school for rehearsal. Honestly, if I could fit everyone into my Honda Fit and haul them over to North, I would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, this is not a practical solution.
I am asking parents and other willing adults who are planning to transport their kids on Mondays, to consider driving not only your student to rehearsal, but perhaps take on a few extra passengers as well.
Also, please note that rehearsals are on Mondays. They start at 3:45, and end at 4:45, but there will be an adult in the band room at north by around 3:00 on those days if you need to drop your kid off early. The band room will close at 5:00 after rehearsal is over. If your schedule necessitates dropping your student off a few minutes late, or picking them up a few minutes early, that is certainly workable.
If you are willing and able to provide transportation to rehearsal for multiple kids, could you email me with the following information:
1.) Your name, your student, and which school your child attends.
2.) How many ADDITIONAL kids you can transport (not including your child).
3.) If you are willing to possibly transport these kids to their homes after rehearsal (not a deal breaker).
4.) If there are other circumstances which would impact transportation arrangements.
Thank you all for considering this. Hopefully, we can get as many kids involved as possible!