Oct. 10-15 announcements:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday early rehearsals for varsity band @ 6:45AM.

Monday, Oct. 10th- The final Monday night rehearsal (varsity only).  I am aware it’s NHS night.  Feel free to attend all NHS events, as per that schedule.  If you feel you can come outside after you are finished, then do it.  🙂

Friday, Oct. 14- No school.  REQUIRED VARSITY REHEARSAL FROM 9AM-NOON.  This has been on the band calendar since last May.  This is a 50 point rehearsal.  Please make sure you are there, on time, and ready to work…the final day before our final competitive festival.

“Away” game the same night at North.  We are the “away” team vs. SM Northwest.  This is a required event for all JV and varsity students.  Any North attire will do.

Saturday, Oct. 15- WARRENSBURG MARCHING FESTIVAL (varsity)

Wear show shirt for your secondary uniform.  Wear shorts, but have something warmer for later that night.  


7:15AM- load truck, all percussion and anyone who can help.

7:45- full band report, check out uniform, load uniform trailer

8:30- depart North in full uniform.  Snack during trip (provided by boosters)

10:00- arrive CMU campus, unload truck

11:00-stretch, warm up

11:50- leave parking lot for performance 


12:30- return to bus, check in uniform in parking lot, eat lunch (provided by boosters)

2:00- return to stadium, watch other bands

5:30- prelim awards

If we do not make finals:

5:45- load bus and truck, eat sack dinner (provided by boosters) and depart for North

7:45- arrive at North, unload truck and uniform trailer

If we make finals:

5:45- HURRY back to bus, get into uniform, warm up

7:15ish- approximate FINALS PERFORMANCE

7:30ish- return to bus, check in uniform, load truck and eat sack dinner (provided by boosters)

8:45ish- return to stadium, watch last few bands

10:00- finals awards

10:15- load bus, return to North

11:45- arrive at North, unload truck and uniform trailer

Students: in addition to wearing show shirt, bring various snacks and clothing for a variety of temperatures that day/evening.

Bring money for concessions if you desire.  Do not bring expensive technology times.  Shaw-Mi-No, SMSD or staff can be held liable for stolen or misplaced items.

Parents: An open invitation for MORE parents to attend on Saturday.  If you are making the trip down, please help the band with setup.  We were short about 3-5 parents.  We need at least a crew of 20.  I know it’s a long day, but it’s fun, rewarding, and without a doubt, a day you will never forget with your child.  Tickets are $12 or more, but we generally get all parent helpers in for free.

Cross country/band students: I know it’s League.  Arrangements can be made for the varsity races to meet us after the race.  It’s very unfortunate not all JV/C team cross country/varsity band students can do both.  Coach Davidson and I have talked.  We’ve done the best we can with scheduling, considering the fact we do not 100% control CMU marching festivals, nor KSHAA race times.  Please email me with questions/concerns.

The following week of Oct. 17-24.

No Monday night rehearsal, but varsity will meet two different mornings at 7:10AM to run the show.  

Oct. 21- Home football game.  Required for all JV and varsity students.  Also senior night/light show!!!


Oct. 24- Final marching performance in North stadium.  Required for all JV and varsity students.  Official yearbook picture taken.