Due to very likely chance of rain tomorrow night, the administration has moved tomorrow nights start time to 5:30PM.  As a result, the following schedule will be followed: WE WILL NOT WEAR UNIFORMS TOMORROW NIGHT.  All VARSITY AND JV STUDENTS- SHOW SHIRT ONLY- wear shorts, jeans, whatever TENNIS SHOES.

3:55PM- Hocker students bus departs for North

4:10PM- big brothers/sisters will meet little brothers/sisters outside of band room

4:20- All varsity/JV and middle school band students to JV field to prepare for pregame.  Roll taken.

5:15- pregame begins in stadium

5:30- Football game begins.  ALL BAND STUDENTS, grades 7-12 will get hot dog/chips in stands, and they play during the game. 

6:30ish- varsity plays halftime show.

Band, we will play throughout the game, unless the rain moves in and we are forced inside.  But guess what?  We have new raincoats we can use….yeah!!!

Attention all cross country/band students: Please feel free to run whichever race Mr. Davidson has you running in, and meet us at the stadium, even if the football game has already started.  There should not be any scheduling conflicts with band and cross country tomorrow.  If there are any other scheduling issues that arise due to the new football schedule, please let me know.