Regular early rehearsals for varsity band: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:45AM.

Monday, Oct. 3- SHAWNEE MSSION MARCHING FESTIVAL (varsity only, but JV can ride bus if they sign up to go)

2:40PM- percussion section begin loading truck after school, break for dinner when loaded

5:00- check out uniforms.

5:40- depart North for SM South stadium

6:00- arrive @ South.  Unload, warm up

7:00- festival begins.  We are 2nd.  Order is West, North, East, South, NW

8:30ish- festival concludes, load truck and return to North

9:15ish- check in uniforms

Parents, no admission.  Our assigned seating is at the 40 yard line, side 1.  Said another way, if you are looking at the field from the home stands, we should be around the 40 yard line on the left side of the field.  Please bring as many relatives, friends, etc to cheer our kids on.  I’m really looking forward to this show!

Tuesday, Oct. 4- Booster meeting/Hocker Grove MS concert (Crimson Tribe only)

5:45PM- band booster meeting in North choir room.  ALL parents and student encouraged to attend.

6:30- Crimson Tribe Jazz Ensemble, report in band room, warm up.

7:00- Hocker Grove MS concert begins in North auditorium.  7th grade band, 8th grade band, Crimson Tribe perform.  Should last an hour or so.  Black top and bottom, casual/formal.

Thursday, Oct. 6th- HOME GAME/BAND FEEDER NIGHT (All varsity and JV)

4:45PM- Big brothers/sisters, report to band room to get ready for middle school (MS) students showing up.  

5:00-Middle school begins arriving.  MS students eat with big bro/sis.  

5:30- All varsity and JV check out uniforms

6:00- all varsity and JV and Hocker band meets on JV field to rehearse pregame show.

6:30- walk to stadium for pregame.  Kids, 4 corners into the big “N”.

6:45- pregame begins on field with all varsity/JV and MS students participating.

7:00- game begins, play in stands

halftime show

at game conclusion, check in uniform.

FYI- big brother/sisters list will be posted in band room, hopefully tomorrow.  These are HS students who act as a big brother/sister to a MS student at the feeder night.  Eat with them, stand next to them in the stands.  If you’re not on the big bro/sis list and want to be, we may be able to change.  PLEASE don’t read anything into it if you don’t have a little bro/sis- it’s a lot of information to make everything work out.  Just come talk to me!

Saturday, Oct. 8- LEE’S SUMMIT NORTH MARCHING FESTIVAL (varsity only, but sign ups for JV students traveling helpers strongly encouraged)

Eat lunch on own before arrival

12:30PM- percussion and any interested helpers, load truck

1:30- uniform checkout, dress into uniform before departure

2:15- depart North in full uniform

3:00- arrive at Lee’s Summit North, unload truck

4:15- warm up in parking lot

4:45- arrive at warm up field


5:30- return to buses, check in uniform in parking lot, eat dinner

6:45- return to stadium, watch final 6 bands

8:30- awards ceremony

8:45- load bus, return to North

9:45- arrive at North, unload truck and uniform trailer

Everyone: this is a “one and done” festival.  no prelims and finals, just one round of playing, followed by awards.

Parent helpers: I think we get 10-15 parents in for free, but if everyone plans on bringing $10 to get in, no one will be surprised if they don’t get a free ticket.  We always have more than 10-15 parents helping.

All parents: Admission is $10 per adult.  Children are cheaper but I’m not sure of that exact price, nor the age of price reductions.  Also, if your child  is involved with another school activity that could interfere (soccer, cross country, volleyball, anything) please email me if alternate rides must be set up.  The expectation is for all students to travel to and from Lee’s Summit North together.  Of course, exceptions can be made AHEAD of time.  

Looking ahead to the following week, but further details next weekend:

Oct. 10th- Monday night rehearsal.  I’m aware it’s also NHS night.  Those students involved with NHS are not required to attend.

Oct. 14- required varsity rehearsal from 9AM-noon

Oct. 15- Warrensburg marching festival.  Early afternoon performance.  Still waiting to hear cross country and other athletic scheduling conflicts that day.

Finally, a word from our fund raising chairperson, Ms. Bradni Salvino:

Price Chopper and HyVee coupon books will be available at the game this Thursday. Cost is $5 each with $4 going into your Charms account. You can email Brandi Salvino at [email protected] anytime you are in need of these books. Also, our annual Fruit Fundraiser along with the Yankee Candle Fundraiser are coming soon. 

Thanks everyone- the next 3 weeks will be a blur…but it will be a great ride!  Keep resting when you can.  Get to bed early, stay ahead of your school work, and keep practicing.  Go Marching Indians!

Mr. Reed