Monday, Aug. 22- early varsity rehearsal, 6:45AM.  Varsity Monday NIGHT rehearsal, 6:30-8:30PM.

Tuesday, Aug. 23- regular classroom rehearsals.  Meet the Instruments Night (for potential 5th grade North area band students)- this is optional for any juniors and/or seniors to help.  Please arrive to the North band room by 5:40PM to warm up.  We will go down to the cafeteria, play a couple pep-band tunes and help with demonstrating instruments to 5th graders until 7:00PM.  PLEASE SIGN UP BY BAND ROOM OFFICE.

Wednesday, Aug. 24- early varsity rehearsal, 6:45AM.  

Thursday, Aug. 25- varsity early rehearsal, 6:45AM.  Back To School Night performance– this is optional for ALL band members.  Report to band room by 5:50PM, in show shirt.  Will play in the school song in the auditorium at 6:20PM- will be finished by 6:30PM for the night.  PLEASE SIGN UP BY BAND ROOM OFFICE.

Friday, Aug, 26- regular classroom rehearsals.