Quick reminder about the upcoming band schedule, but please refer to previous emails and summer/fall calendar (attached) for more information.

July 22- student staff (section leaders and seniors) in band room.  9AM-4PM  Bring your instruments!

July 23- varsity percussion 8AM-4PM in band room

July 25-27 varsity percussion 5-9PM in band room

Rehearsals below will meet at stadium, unless its raining, then we will meet in the band room.  Always bring your instrument (unless you’re renting one, and will take of that when you get here) and music, once we hand it out.

July 26/27- All JV AND new varsity marchers (if it’s your first year in varsity, regardless of age) 8-11:30AM

July 28- Ice cream social- all students and parents 7:00PM- cafeteria (more information below)

July 28-Aug 5- full varsity band camp 8AM-4PM (no weekends)

Aug. 5- band picnic.  required for varsity, all JV students and all families welcome and encouraged to attend (more information below)


The night before rehearsals: drink more water than you need and get more sleep than you need.  Fill an insulated gallon water container with water and freeze overnight.  Try to reduce or quit drinking soda  🙂

The day of rehearsals: eat a healthy breakfast with protein, or you will not feel very good later on.  Wear tennis shoes with socks (no flip flops), hat, sunglasses, sun screen, light colored clothing (not black) and your gallon of water.  We will have parents on stand-by to help with additional water and we will have the misters running.  Keep drinking water all the time!  We will observe all heat advisory rules, and we will not go outside in the afternoon, just the morning.

***kids, PLEASE go outside over the next few days and continue to acclimate.  If you don’t, you will probably end up not feeling well, sitting out and missing rehearsal, and we need everyone to participate!  Prepare yourself that it’s OK to feel hot, it’s OK to sweat, it’s OK to feel thirst, that’s all normal in hot weather.  Having said that, we will ask you to sit if you feel light headed, cold, feel “goose bumps” or ill.  We will take care of your health, but please help YOURSELF by getting acclimated while you still can.  

During the 8AM-4PM days, bring money for lunch or bring your own lunch, many students walk down Johnson Drive (in groups) to eat.

July 28 Ice cream social information:

all variety and JV students will meet in the cafeteria for free ice cream and a brief meeting.  Upon paying your band fee ($50 for drill team, $75 for JV, or $125 for varsity) or signing your fee payment plan, all students will receive their 2016 show shirt.  We will also take care of instrument rental ($50 if you can take care of that), parent volunteer signups, fast passes, fund raising and several other house keeping things.  What is a fast pass? Parents can purchase a season ticket for the home football games at a reduced price, and you will also receive part of that money back in your band account.  Administration has not told me the exact amounts. FYI- you can only receive this band rebate if you purchase the fast pass through the band at the ice cream social or band picnic, NOT during the regular school registration process.  I’m sorry I don’t have exact details, but we will tell you precise fast pass information the night of the ice cream social.  We can take payments with check (made payable to Shaw-Mi-No) or credit card for everything except instrument rentals, which has to be paid to SM North by check.  You can also purchase trash bags and Hy-Vee coupons books as fundraisers, all of which goes directly into your child’s band account, thus making your fee payment less.  The Hy-Vee coupon books are awesome, because $4 of the $5 you pay goes right back into your band account!

Aug. 5th- band picnic information:

Varsity students are required to attend, as you are performing that night.  JV student and all parents are highly encouraged to attend.  $5 per person to eat.  “Two Guys and  Grill” are catering, which will include hamburger or hotdog, chips, and drink.  This isn’t a fund raiser, we’re just trying to cover our costs.  We will eat t 6:00PM and the varsity band performance will follow around 7:00PM, followed by our annual drill down!

Parents, if you’re new, I know this information might seem overwhelming…trust me, we will take care of everything and you will have a great year!  Just keep attending the events, and your child will have a great time.  Looking forward to a great year in band.  Welcome back everyone!

Mr. Reed