Welcome to Rushton Elementary Bands

Accessories: What do I really need?

I know many of you have been asking about which accessories are really necessary to for your student to be successful in band. To simplify this, I have created a scaled down version of the flyer you received earlier this year, detailing the items that you need. I cannot emphasize enough that these items are REQUIRED, and should not be considered “extras”. Your student’s instrument will not function properly, and may even require expensive repairs if they are not properly maintained. In the case of clarinets and saxophones, the instrument will not even play! As with the instrument itself, buying a reputable brand is important, and I have noted those brands where appropriate.

I will be going over instrument care and maintenance next week, so please be sure that your student has all of their supplies by then. Click the link below to view the items that your student needs, and happy practicing!


Essential Accessories List

Welcome to Rushton Elementary Bands

Greetings parents and students!

I am very excited to get started with our elementary band programs. Music is such a joy for me to share with my students, and I am looking forward to beginning this journey with all of you.

Please refer back to this page over the school year for updated information regarding rehearsals, concerts, and assignments. The calendar will be updated with performances and other deadlines as they arise. I will also be posting photos and videos on occasion so you can watch as your student progresses. Below, you will find links to the enrollment forms for 5th and 6th grade band. Please print these out, and complete them as soon as possible. You may return them to your school’s front office, where I will be sure to pick them up.

5th Grade Band Enrollment Form

6th Grade Band Enrollment Form

6th grade band rehearsals will begin on August 30th, and 5th grade band will begin on September 6th. Please be sure to bring your instrument, your book, and a pencil.