Mr. Reed’s Notes

band announcements April 29-May 25- please save

April 29- State solo/ensemble festival, Washburn Rural HS, as scheduled.  This affects 8 students, and they have their schedules.  Make sure you have your 2 original copies, one of which that has numbered measures.  Do not assume anyone has those two originals.   May...

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Solo/Ensemble schedule now posted. Jazz info.

Regional Solo & Ensemble performance locations and times are now posted in the band room and were emailed out today.  Good luck everyone…we have more kids involved this year than ever before! April 3rd/4th- S&E accompanist rehearsals times have been adjusted...

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July 21– Student Leadership train/work day 9AM-4PM
July 22– Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 8AM-4PM
July 24-26 Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 5-9PM
July 25/26 JV & new varsity marchers 8-11:30AM
July 27 Ice Cream Social (everyone) 7:00PM
July 27-Aug. 4 Band Camp (varsity/ no weekends) 8AM-4PM
Aug. 4 Band Camp (everyone) 6-7:30PM

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