band announcements- Oct. 14-19 Warrensburg Itinerary

No early rehearsal for varsity Monday morning. We still have Monday night rehearsal, 6:30PM-8:30PM.

Friday, October 18 – home football game. Typical schedule- band room opens up at 5:00PM, attendance taken on JV field at 6:15PM. This is a required performance for JV and varsity students. At the conclusion of the game, everyone turns in their uniform.

Saturday, Oct. 19- UCM Warrensburg Marching Festival (varsity only)

Itinerary as follows:

11:30AM- load truck/begin uniform disbursement

12:30PM- depart North in full uniform

1:45- arrive @ UCM campus, unload truck

2:45- warm-up

3:30- stage to stadium


4:00- prelim awards ceremony


If we do not make finals:

4:30- load truck, light dinner provided by boosters, return to North

6:30- arrive at North, unload truck, return uniforms


If we make finals:

5:15-8:00- we will either perform again, then eat, or vice versa, depending on when our performance slot is.

8:00- finals awards ceremony

8:15- load truck, return to North

9:45- arrive at North, unload truck, return uniforms

band announcements- Oct. 10-12. Football game/Invitational info.

Varsity students, feel free to view our show from Monday nights festival. We respectfully ask that you do not post it anywhere online, this is for your viewing enjoyment.
Thursday, October 10th– Home football game (varsity and JV students):
Although this should work like a typical game, there’s a possibility they could move the time up to 3:00PM or 5:00PM. That decision should be made by Wednesday afternoon.
Absent any changes, the itinerary is as follows:
5:00PM- band room opens
6:15- attendance taken on JV field, in full uniform
6:40- pregame show, varsity and JV students
7:00- game begins
9:30ish- game concludes, everyone turns in their uniform
Friday, October 11th – Varsity rehearsal, 9 AM-noon. We will rehearse inside if it’s raining, but if inside, will release early.
-remember that everyone should park off-campus, I’m going to park off campus too. Parking on 61st St. south of the stadium is a legal parking area.
-students should wear their show shirts, and parents should wear a red volunteer shirt. If you do not have one from previous years, we will provide you one.
-upon arrival, everyone should check into our welcome center, which is located on the legacy patio by the swimming pools. Please try to check in 15-20 minutes before your shift begins, as there are a lot of moving parts for this huge event, please do everything you can to be on time and stay for the duration of your shift. I believe we have over 80 adults, and over 100 kids helping! To review your job assignments, please use the link below.  Thanks again for another great Shawnee Mission North Marching Invitational!
Parents, to view or sign up for a volunteer assignments, please use this link:


band announcements Sept. 30-Oct. 7


Crimson tribe will be playing at Hocker Grove first quarter concert this Thursday, October 3rd, beginning at 7:00PM in the auditorium. Crimson Tribe should wear uniform shirts (receiving shirts this week).  Report time of 6:15PM, should be finished by 8:00PM.
 Parents, please click the link below for volunteering opportunities this November. This is the critical month of marching band, especially this year, as our schedule is very back loaded.  Thanks in advance for so many of you stepping up.
Next Monday, Oct. 7th–  Shawnee Mission Marching festival @ SM South, varsity only.  No admission cost.  Performance order is West, East, North, South, Northwest.  Parents are highly encouraged to see all 5 performances.  This is a graded performance, all varsity students must ride the bus to and from North, as well as stay for all performances.
2:40PM- percussion/helpers load equipment truck after school, depart and eat on your own
5:00- band room opens for uniform distribution
5:30- band departs for SM South
5:55- band arrives @ South, unloads truck, warms up to play, then sit in stadium.
7:00- Performances begin.
8:30ish- load up truck, return to North.
9:15- arrive at North, return uniforms.
Parents, our band is sitting in the middle of the stadium seating, but there is no assigned seating for parents like there has been in the past.

More info on Sept. 26th Thursday night game

Update on tomorrow nights game (Sept. 26th):
-Thursday’s schedule will be exactly like Friday was supposed to be. Band room opens at 5:00PM, attendance taken on JV field at 6:00, varsity plays the entire show beginning at 6:40. Halftime will be a shortened varsity show, followed by homecoming ceremony.
–  any cross country runners who are leaving for Minnesota at 6:00AM the following morning, will be encouraged to leave immediately after the halftime show, to prepare for the trip.
–  this Friday mornings early rehearsal has been canceled, class time rehearsals only. With a game Thursday night, a parade Friday afternoon and a parade Saturday morning, I think everyone could use an extra hour of sleep, especially having had a home game the night before.
 We’ve had very few scheduling problems, so it looks like the vast majority of the band will be there tomorrow night, so the halftime show is on! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Homecoming game moved to TOMORROW, Thursday, Sept. 26th

Due to incoming inclement weather, I have just been notified that Friday nights football game has been moved to tomorrow night! I need you to email me today if you cannot make the game. If we have too many absences with the varsity band, we will not be able to do our show.   In that case, it would be a pep band, in the stands situation. Varsity, please do what you can to make tomorrow night work. You don’t need to email me that you can go, you just need to email me ASAP if you cannot attend.


I don’t have all of the details, but I think everything would work just like Friday night would have worked, varsity band plays the show before the game, then a shortened halftime show with homecoming festivities


The homecoming parade is still scheduled for Friday afternoon. I will email more as I learn more.

Band announcements, Sept. 23-28- Homecoming & OP parade

Monday night rehearsal for varsity band, 6:30 to 8:30PM.
We’re organizing a pep band for the bonfire Thursday night.  A report time of 7:30PM in the band room. It begins at 7:45 PM and lasts for about 45 minutes or thereabouts. This is an optional event for everyone, but lettering points will be awarded for varsity and JV. This is always a fun event!
Homecoming parade: all varsity and JV band students will be released from class at 1:00PM. We will warm up and stage, the parade begins at 2:00PM. The parade heads east on Johnson Drive for a little over a half mile. We will walk back.    Students, please wear your show shirt and black shorts, any color shoes will do.
Itinerary for homecoming game:
5:00 PM- band room opens. Don’t forget your BLACK SOCKS!  🙂
6:00 PM- attendance taken on football field behind stadium (notice this is 15 minutes earlier than normal). This will be a quick warm-up, as the varsity band will play the full show before the game begins.  Parents, this is very important… If you want to see the entire varsity show, please be in your seats well before 6:40 PM, which is when the varsity band will play.  The varsity band will play a three minute show at the beginning half time, in order for the top 10 homecoming candidates to be recognized.  All JV band students will play in the stands, but we will not do the traditional pregame show.  The game should end around 9:30 PM, all band members should report to the band room and turn in their uniform for the evening.
Saturday: Overland Park parade- varsity and JV- this is a required performance.
8:00am- band room opens, distribute uniforms.
8:45- band departs via bus to the staging area, around 77th and Floyd.
10:00- parade begins, we’re entry number 58. Parents, the parade route heads down Santa Fe in downtown Overland Park.  One of the best places to stand is by the clock tower.  We should be finished a little after 11:00AM, will head back to North on buses, return uniforms, and will be finished for the day.

band announcements Sept. 16-20 Bonner Springs Itinerary

Sept. 16- 6:30-8:30PM.  Monday night rehearsal for varsity band.  Please bring your own water, we will take more breaks than normal due to forecasted heat.

Sept. 18- Itinerary for Bonner Springs Marching Festival:

No uniform distribution, show shirts only (with dark shorts)

9:05AM- all larger wind players (sousaphone, bone, etc.) should have instruments in cases, on band room floor at the end of block 1 rehearsal.

11:45-All block 2 drumline students should eat 1st lunch and report to band ASAP to begin loading truck.  Drill team should eat 1st lunch and change into uniforms

1:10PM- All block 1 varsity wind students should report to block V as usual, and report to the band room at the beginning of block 7, in their show shirts and dark shorts, ready to load the bus.

1:30- depart North to Bonner Springs HS

1:55- arrive at Bonner Springs HS, unload truck

2:30- begin warmup process

3:05- report to back gate


3:20- clinic

3:50- finish clinic, begin to load truck

4:20- depart Bonner Springs

4:50- arrive back at North, unload truck and dismiss

Parents- the festival is at Bonner Springs High School, in their stadium.  The address is 100 McDanield St, Bonner Springs, KS 66012.  No admission fee.  Everyone is welcome to cheer the Marching Indians in their first festival performance of the year.

Nothing on Friday night or the weekend!

Band announcements Sept. 9-13

Band announcements, Sept. 9th-13th

-Seniors, anyone interested in participating in the Shooting Stars scholarship program, please see me ASAP to discuss.

-There is a booster meeting this Tuesday, September 10, from 5:45 to 6:45PM in the band room. Everyone is welcome to attend. Parents, this is a great way to get plugged into our booster organization.

-All band students, the homecoming bonfire is scheduled for Thursday, September 26, 7:45 to 8:45PM. This is an optional event, in which the band plays pep band tunes during the bonfire.

Itinerary for Friday night’s home football game (Sept. 13): 

5:00PM-  band room opens for uniform distribution. You don’t have to be in the band room right at 5:00PM, but please don’t wait until 5:50, as you will not be ready in time for attendance.

6:00-  Drumline warms up in rosegarden.

6:15-  all bandmembers, JV and varsity, in full uniform on the football field behind the stadium. Please be on time, as this is when attendance is taken for the game.

6:45-  Full band performs pregame on the stadium field.

7:00-  football game begins and the full band is in the stands for the duration of the game playing pep band tunes.

7:45ish-  varsity band will perform the halftime show.

At the conclusion of half time,  The SM North Marching Invitational parent meeting will be held during 3rd quarter of the football game!  Parents, we highly encourage you to attend this meeting in the band room during 3rd quarter. The meeting will conclude before fourth quarter begins so you can continue to watch the band perform in the stands.  The SM North Marching Invitational, to be held October 12, is THE biggest event we host all year. We generally need over 100 parents to fill a small role during the day. We will host over 1,400 visiting marching band students from Kansas and Missouri, and we need everyone’s help! This is definitely an “ALL HANDS ON DECK” day for parents.  Trust me, you will have a lot of fun on Oct. 12, it’s a very festive day.  😊

9:30ish-  football game will end, and everyone returns their uniform before leaving.

Students, please make sure you wear long black socks to the football game. I would also encourage you to wear shorts and a light T-shirt to wear underneath the band uniform. Please do not wear jeans, or pants that we could see underneath your uniform. Lighter clothing such as shorts and T-shirts will also make sure you don’t get too hot.


-Finally, parents, thank you so much for taking care of your band fee this year. About 80% of you have paid the yearly fee. If you haven’t done so, please submit a check to “Shaw-Mi-No”, or go to, click group member payments. There is an online form that will then direct you to PayPal. Again, thank you!  Drill team fees are $50, JV fees are $75 and varsity fees are $125.  This fee pays for uniform cleaning, shoes, music/lyre, show shirt, and a host of other expenses incurred over the school year.


Looking forward to our first home game, to show all of the hard work the band kids have been doing!

Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham

Band announcements Sept. 3-6

Varsity band- we will be outside Tuesday morning (Sept. 3rd) at 7:40AM.

Friday, Sept. 6th– Away football game @ SM South.  North band room opens at 5:45PM, buses depart at 6:10PM.  We should be back to North somewhere around 10:00PM.  In order to participate with the pep-band, you must ride the band buses to and from SM South.  Wear show shirt or school colors.  Although this is an optional performance for all varsity and JV band members, students will be awarded lettering points.  This is the only away football game opportunity of the year, so join us for a fun-filled night, playing rock tunes in the stands, as we cheer our football team on.

Students- if you’ve received a zero in Skyward for your permission packet, please turn it in Tuesday or ASAP. The sooner it’s turned in, the closer to 50 points you will receive. I’m attaching the packet so you can print, sign and return to me.  We definitely need the form turned in before you participate with a band activity, such as this week’s away game, or next week’s (Sept. 13th) home game.


Congrats to Sydney Blake for representing band as our Homecoming nominee!

Parent volunteer needs, Remind and permission packet

Parents– please use the signup-us genius to help with volunteer needs through the month of September.  If everyone helps with one event, the bulk of work will not fall on a few parents.  PLEASE consider signing up for one event.  Thanks in advance!
Everyone– the current varsity Remind class is full.  Please use the following code if you’re not getting varsity Remind texts and would like to.  Do not sign up for both varsity marching band codes, texts will always be sent to both.
Text number: 81010
type @fgce42 in the text box.
Students- Please print the attached 2019-20 permission form.  Permission packets are due Friday, Aug. 30th.  This is a 50 point assignment.
Finally- 2020 band camp dates are now posted on the band websites home page.