Varsity roster confirmation and other things

Hello everyone!

At your convenience, could you please review the list of varsity band students, sent in an email today.  Please let me know if:
1) you are not on the list and thought you should be (it seems I may have left someone off within the percussion section)
2) your name is on there but are not intending to march with the varsity group.
If you name is not on this list, that means we are looking forward to working with you in the JV band this fall.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT to clarify, as the drill writer is starting the process of writing our show.  We want to make sure everyone has a spot, but we don’t want holes in the show either.
JV students, new varsity marcher and all percussion– we’re looking forward to seeing you on July 25/26 from 8:00-11:30AM at the stadium.  This is your first opportunity to earn JV lettering points, as well as getting to know how band works in high school.  Although the 2 morning rehearsals are not attached to your grade, we strongly encourage students to attend…we make it fun, and you will feel better about band as the new school year begins.  Please let me know if you cannot attend one or both rehearsals.  FYI- I realize some of you may not be able to participate due to summer school.  Again, just let me know.  🙂
Varsity– We are looking forward to seeing the FULL varsity group on Thursday, July 27th at the stadium.  The 7 days of full rehearsal (as per the band calendar) are required for all varsity members, as we begin working on the show the first day!  Please let me know of any potential conflicts ASAP, if you have not already done so.
Percussion and student staff- please review the summer/fall calendar for other dates that would pertain to you.  You can find summer camp dates on the home page of   OR you can now visit the online calendar on the band website, as the entire fall semester is now online.
As you relax: 
Remember to acclimate by being outside on a regular basis, even if it’s sitting by the pool.  Try to exercise outside when you can.  Now that our Kansas weather is warming up, this is a great chance to acclimate over a period of time.
I hope you’re enjoying your summer, recharging those batteries and getting a well deserved break!
Mr. Reed

Final band announcements 2016-17!

Final announcements for 2016-17 school year:

Monday, May 22- ALL 2017-18 band members.  Although this is an optional night, we are expecting EVERYONE, JV and varsity.  🙂  This a really fun, short evening, as we pay it forward, welcoming our new marchers!
5:30PM- student staff (section leaders/drum majors) report to band room
5:45- 8th graders/new marchers and student staff eat pizza outside band room
6:20- All 2017-18 band students, JV AND VARSITY, report to band parking lot for “marching”
6:40- students breakout by sections, parent meeting begins in choir room
7:10- all band members back to band room, play pep-band tunes
7:30- dismiss, summer rental process begins
Wed/Thurs, May 24/25- 4:00-8:00PM- Varsity marching fundamentals camp
Please report to stadium, no instruments needed.  Bring water, sunscreen, maybe snacks.  Additional water and snacks provided by boosters.  This is mandatory for all 2017-18 varsity marchers.  If you are out of town, please email me ASAP.  Any varsity members not in attendance are not guaranteed a spot in the show.  Of course, we can work with any communicated scheduling conflicts.  Thanks in advance for your diligence.
Announcements from Shaw-Mi-No Band Boosters:
Parents – Help Wanted!  Please consider volunteering as a team.
Band Camp:  Need 1-3 people to run band camp in late July and early August.  Will also need additional volunteers to help during camp.
Band Picnic:  Need 1-3 people to run the picnic on August 4th.  A caterer can be booked, or a parent-team can prepare and cook the meal. Will also need additional volunteers to help with the event.
Seniors, please keep in touch…you know where to find us!  We will carry on your legacy of excellence!
Well, this is it.  Here we are, the last day of the school year.  I hope you’ve had a fun filled, and rewarding journey in music this year.  In 24 years, it’s one of the most successful and enjoyable years of my career. You kids are great- Ms. Fillingham and myself want to thank all of you for your hard work.  Looking forward to next year, as we build on the progress we’ve made this year.  Next year’s students should expect an email as get closer to band camp, as well as confirming varsity spots for next year.  Get lots of rest over the summer, and we will see most of you in late July.  Go Marching Indians!!!
Mr. Reed

band announcements April 29-May 25- please save

April 29- State solo/ensemble festival, Washburn Rural HS, as scheduled.  This affects 8 students, and they have their schedules.  Make sure you have your 2 original copies, one of which that has numbered measures.  Do not assume anyone has those two originals.


May 1st & 3rd- drumline clinic/help session, 3:30-4:30 in band room.  Percussionists interested in auditioning for varsity percussion should please attend.


May 3- 5th/6th grade concert @ Hocker, 7:00PM.  Ms. Fillingham would like more HS players, please sign up by band office.


May 5- Pizza Jazz, cafeteria, 5:30-9:30PM.  3rd block jazz plays 6:40-7:10PM, Crimson Tribe plays at 9:10PM.  This is a graded event for jazz students.  All jazz students should stay for duration, and wear jazz uniform.  EVERYONE encouraged to attend.  Free admission.  $6.00 all you can eat pizza (from Papa Johns) or $2.00 per slice.  Come and go, as you watch North Relays, which occurs at the same time.  


May 6- Drumline varsity auditions.  All students interested in battery/front ensemble need to attend.  9AM-noon, in band room.


May 9- Spring Concert, 7:00PM in auditorium.  All band students should report no later than 6:30PM in band room.  No specific color coordination for clothing.  Should last about 80 minutes.  This is a graded event for all band students.  


May 11- Band Banquet!  Dinner served in cafeteria around 5:50PM.  Arrive no later than 6:15PM for food.  Program begins around 6:30PM and usually wraps up around 8:45ish.  This is a VERY SPECIAL evening for everyone, including awards, letter recipients, senior memories, band video, etc.  Although not a required event, we usually have 250+ in attendance.  Cost is $9.00 for dinner (catered by Don Chilitos buffet).  Please dress business casual.  Front seats are reserved for 12th graders and their families.  Although you’re not required to eat in order to attend, please plan on eating with us…again, a very memorable night!  Everyone pays at the door, no advance tickets.


May 17- Graduation Band.  Roll taken at 6:15PM in band room for all 9th-11th graders.  This is a graded event.  Dress nice!  Guys, shirt/tie, ladies, appropriate dress/shirt.  This will be on TV!  Graduation begins at 7:00PM.  Parents of 9th-11th graders, there is not an expectation for you to attend, as this is a service 9th-11th grade students perform for graduating seniors.  Usually lasts until 9:00PM.


May 22- Indoor marching band rehearsal.  Section leaders report no later than 5:30PM.  All other varsity AND JV students should report no later than 6:30PM.  Calendars and music will be handed out to everyone.  All 8th-11th graders will play next year’s pep-band music!  The first time the 2017 Marching Indians get together!  We feed current 8th graders and section leaders at 6:00PM.  SUMMER RENTALS completed on this night.  Checks for $27 made out to SMSD (not Shaw-Mi-No) and contract need to be signed before taking instruments home for the summer.  Although school is out for the summer, this is a fun night…please make sure you can attend!


May 24th/25th- Required varsity marching rehearsal, 4:00-8:00PM on stadium field.  No instruments needed, just marching, with marching expert, Mark Schleish.  Again, required for next year’s varsity participation…the first step in another award winning marching season!  Please contact Mr. Reed if there is a scheduling conflict.  The marching drill will be created after these rehearsals.  

Remember kids, we never wind down a school year, we ramp up to the end!

Mr. Reed

Solo/Ensemble schedule now posted. Jazz info.

Regional Solo & Ensemble performance locations and times are now posted in the band room and were emailed out today.  Good luck everyone…we have more kids involved this year than ever before!

April 3rd/4th- S&E accompanist rehearsals times have been adjusted by 15 minutes or so.  Students, please see new schedule, posted by band office.  

Attention all athletes- As we encounter the typical situation of rescheduled games/meets, please make sure you communicate any potential athletics/band conflicts with me.  Please assume I do not know if something has changed.  The sooner we know how to work a scheduling conflict, the better chance of success of working it out!

April 7- Both Jazz Bands perform at SM West…details as follows: Block III Jazz band, report to SM WEST’s band room by 4:30PM, with a performance time of 5:00PM.  Block IV Crimson Tribe, report time of 5:00PM (to watch block III) with a performance time of 6:30PM. Both bands can leave (if they wish) after Block IV is finished around 7:00PM.  

Please keep last week’s email pertaining to details of:

April 3- Symphonic band festival at SM EAST (symphonic band only)

April 8- Solo & Ensemble Festival at Olathe SOUTH

April 10- NOTHING, no concert scheduled

Band Announcements March 27-April 15- IMPORTANT

Attention students AND parents: we need several volunteers to help with the April 8th regional solo & ensemble festival, to be held at Olathe South HS.  Please visit the link below to volunteer.  Students will receive lettering points. Parents will receive parent lettering points…OK, there is no such thing as parent lettering points, but we need need several PARENTS, if you are available.  Please see the following link:

Upcoming events:

March 27- REQUIRED COLORADO TRIP MEETING.  North auditorium, beginning at 6:00PM, lasting about an hour.  All participating students  AND ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN, needs to attend.  Please bring a pen, as well as HEALTH INSURANCE INFORMATION.  I am required to meet with all participants and parent/guardian to complete permission forms, waivers, heath information, etc.  This is the only meeting regarding the Colorado trip.  Roll will be taken.  If you are not in attendance, I will need to reschedule a makeup meeting with you- please make sure you can attend this meeting, thank you!

March 28/29- solo&ensemble accompanist rehearsals.  If you are not on the list (posted in the band room), this does not apply to you.  We have hired these professional accompanists, and we cannot reschedule them.  We are looking forward to wonderful performances at this year’s S&E festival.

March 30- uniform cleaning party!  Any students who cab help with marching band uniform preparation from 3:00-4:30PM after school, to receive lettering points, we would really appreciate your help.  

March 31- percussion recital at Blue Valley West HS (percussion ensembles from blocks I and II only).  Block II percussionists should report to BV West no later than 5:30PM for your 6:00PM perfomrnace.  Block I percussionists should report no later than 6:00PM (to watch block II) for your performance which begins at 7:00PM.  Please keep rush hour traffic in mind when traveling to BV West.  All percussionists should wear black top-bottom attire.  

April 3- SMSD Symphonic band festival at SM EAST.  All symphonic band members should report no later than 6:30PM, in symphonic band uniform, in the SM EAST choir room) for the 7:00PM concert.  All sym. band members need to stay for the duration, as this is a graded concert.  Parents, this is a wonderful concert to celebrate music in SMSD!  The concert should last until 8:30PM.  Again, this is at SM EAST.

April 3/4- solo&ensemble accompanist rehearsals.  Same kids as March 28/29, with slightly shorter times.  This should be a “run through” rehearsal.

April 7- All jazz students, performance at SM West’s “Jazz On The Bridge”.  Exact concert times TBA, but will range for 5-8PM.  Jazz students should wear designated jazz uniform.  No admission price, everyone is welcome!  Again, this is at SM WEST.

April 8- Regional Solo & Ensemble Festival at Olathe South.  Exact performance times are TBA, buy once I receive them, I will forward immediately.  Future email will have detailed information.

April 10-  NO CONCERT SCHEDULED.  Although we’re usually had a “contest concert” (as listed on current band calendar), due to jazz concerts, S&E festival, and the Colorado trip all occurring with 10 days, we will try to work our contest songs in at another concert.  

April 12- Large Group State Band Festival, symphonic band concert band members only.  Specific performance times locations are TBA.  As soon as I have that information, I will forward to you.  Freshman band will have their contest festival on April 20th during the day, more information to follow in future emails.

April 12-15- Winter Park, CO Band Trip

Other than than, not much going on over the next 4 weeks…

Looking forward to an exciting 4th quarter with SM North band! 

Mr. Reed


Friday, March 3rd- 

Block IV Crimson Tribe only, performing at KU jazz festival.  Will depart North after block III.  Will eat fast food in Lawrence (bring money please), and perform in Murphy Hall at 1:00PM.  Will listen to a few jazz bands, and be back to North by 3:30PM.

Also this Friday, the 14th annual SPRING SWING!  This is a big-band (a la Glenn Miller) type PARTY!  All jazz students from both classes should report no later than 4:00PM to help set up.  Formal attire for jazz kids.  The party is from 6:30-8:30PM in the cafeteria. Everyone is invited to attend, and all attending students will receive lettering points!  Also included are free dance lessons from professionals, appetizers, including our world famous chocolate fountain.  Admission for students is $7.00 and $15.00 for adults.  I know that’s a little expensive, but this is the one ticketed performance of the year.  It’s lots of fun!  To clarify, participating students do not pay, and this is an optional performance for everyone else.  Please see attached flyer.

Monday, March 6th- Honor band helpers.  Honor Band concert at SM NW. Concert begins at 7:00, and a report of around 6:30PM.  White shirt and black slacks please.  Ms. Fillingham might send additional information later.  This is the final honor band performance of the year.  If you’ve been helping, please plan on attending, to support our North area honor band one last time.

Wednesday, March 8th- SM NW Jazz Cabaret, Block IV Crimson Tribe only.  Report time at SM NW by 6:30PM.  Concert begins at 7:00PM.  No admission, but everyone is welcome to attend.  Crimson Tribe should wear their red shirt and block pants.

Feb. 14-21 Several Important Announcements

Tuesday, Feb. 14- double header basketball game.  Report time of 5:30PM.  

Wednesday, Feb. 15th- DEADLINE FOR ALL COLORADO PAYMENTS.  Please submit a check to the booster treasurer, Mr. Reed, or through PayPal via the band website.  Go to and click on “group member payments”.  The boosters need to pay for final condo costs, as wells bussing and festival registrations.  Please visit login to view current balance due.

Monday, Feb. 21- double header basketball game.  Report time of 5:30PM.

Several random, but very important announcements:

All interested students should sign up, by the band office, for the KSHSAA Solo & ensemble festival, which will be held on Saturday, April 8th.  This is optional to all band students, but JV and varsity lettering points will be awarded.  Sign up no later than this Thursday, February 16th.  

Finish signing up, by the band office, for the Colorado bussing lists, by this Thursday, February 16th.

BAND CAMP DATES for summer 2017 are now posted on the main page of the band website (right hand side).  Parents, please plan travel/vacation plans around these dates.  As a parent of three, I know that can be challenging, but it’s important our entire band is together for summer rehearsals.  FYI- all band camp dates are reciprocal dates as last summer.

July 21- Student Leadership train/work day 9AM-4PM

July 22- Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 8AM-4PM

July 24-26 Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 5-9PM

July 25/26 JV & new varsity marchers 8-11:30AM

July 27 Ice Cream Social (everyone) 7:00PM

July 27-Aug. 4 Band Camp (varsity/ no weekends) 8AM-4PM

Aug. 4 Band Camp (everyone) 6-7:30PM

SENIORS- please begin submitting baby/child and high school pictures to our senior video producer at [email protected]  3-6 pictures would be ideal, ages 0-18 of your life!  You can submit hard copies to Mr. Reed, and you will get them back after the video is made.  DEADLINE FOR SENIOR PICTURES is Friday, March 31st.  The sooner, the better.  Seniors, thanks in advance for your help with this huge project.

Friday, March 3rd- SPRING SWING!!! Although both jazz bands (and Hocker) will perform, EVERYONE is invited to attend this party.  Students tickets are $7 at the door, and adults are $15.  This includes 2+ hours of dance music, free swing/dance lesson, food and drink, including our famous chocolate fountain!  The party runs from 6:30-8:30PM in the North cafeteria.  

Feb. 3-14: Chili supper, b-ball, enrollment info

Friday, Feb. 3- double header basketball game, “Hall of Fame” night.  Report time of 5:30PM for pep-band in band room.  PARENTS, the school booster organization is asking help from band parents at this game.  Since they helped purchase our new marching banner (which matches our new uniform color), please consider clicking the link below to help  Apologies for the late notice on this.  

Tuesday, Feb. 7- CHILI SUPPER– all band students involved.  Admission is free, but read below for food.  Participating band students pay as well, but notice the low cost…we just want everyone to eat together!

5:15PM- jazz band report to band room, warm up

5:45- EVERYONE encouraged to eat in the cafeteria while jazz bands play.  $5.00/person, children 5 and under $3.00.  Dinner includes chili, cheese, hotdog, dessert, condiments.  The idea is for everyone to eat, please don’t eat at home or go somewhere else…we’ve ordered 250+ servings of chili.  

6:30ish- after eating, everyone walks to auditorium to listen to: 6th grade honor band, freshman band, concert band, symphonic band.  Everything should wrap up by 7:30PM.  

STUDENTS: start eating around 5:45PM in cafeteria.  Be in auditorium no later than 6:40ish, after you finish your meal for the concert in the auditorium.  Casual formal attire requested, no specific color coordination.  Jeans, shorts, jerseys, etc.  Symphonic band members, do not wear your uniform!  

PARENTS, please visit the following link, we need more volunteers to help, etc.

Wednesday, Feb. 8- Northern Exposure.  No bands performing.  Will need a few upperclassman students to speak with 8th graders in band room from 6:30-8:00PM.  

Tuesday, Feb. 14- double header b-ball game.  Should be a “sweet” game.  


– band students should sign up for marching band, regardless of JV or varsity designation (1/2 credit).   Exception, if you know you’re in varsity percussion, please sign up for “instrumental ensemble” class in the fall.  Also sign up for symphonic or concert band in spring (1/2 credit).  Final spring placement depending on auditions next November.  Also sign up for Jazz 1, it’s a great class!  The only prerequisite is to be in a large ensemble in addition to jazz (i.e. marching, concert, etc).  Sign up for Jazz 2, if you’re already in that class.  Auditions for jazz placement this May.

-NEW- Music theory offered block 2.  This a great class, especially if you want to major (or minor) in music when yo go to college…it will REALLY help you!  Open to all juniors and seniors.  FYI- this is no longer an IB music class, it’s strictly music theory.  Will discuss more in class.

-if interested in taking Med Sci class as a junior next year, you can still take band, so sign up!  We are working out the details pertaining to how both semesters will work..don’t worry!

Colorado- ALL participants now have their username and password (document given in class).  Parents, BEFORE NEXT MONDAY, please visit  use the username/password given to your child, and fill out all information…it should only take 10 minutes.  They need this information ASAP.  FYI- I cannot send the document electronically, it was sent to me as a 113 page PDF, which I had to print.  Each participant was given a paper with all the necessary information on it.  

The bands are doing great this semester…keep up the good work!

Mr. Reed

Band Announcements Jan. 27-Feb. 3

Tuesday, January 31- North Area Band Festival– This is for symphonic band and the Crimson Tribe Jazz Ensemble only.  

6:45AM- We need help setting up 400 chairs, beginning at 6:45AM that morning.  Although this report time is optional, lettering points will be awarded, and we could REALLY use a lot of hands.  

7:40AM- rehearsal begins in the field house.  You will be considered tardy if not ready to play in the field house at that time…so get to school a little early. 

6:30PM in the band room, in full uniform, and warming up.  We will play for 10 minutes and walk down to the field together to “meet and greet” all the 5th-8th grade kids.  Concert begins at 7:00PM, should last around one hour.  EVERYONE is responsible for getting all equipment back to the band room before leaving North.

Friday, February 3- Double header basketball game.  Report time of 5:30.  This is the annual “Hall of Fame Night” so there will be a big crowd.  Please make sure you can attend, or email me at least 2 says ahead of time.  There are only 3 regular season games after this one!

Colorado participants: Your child will receive a very important document this Wednesday, February 1st (concert band on Feb. 2nd).  You will receive your official username and password to submit information regarding health insurance, skiing options, and other important items.  This information is not in electronic form, so the document will be handed out, not emailed.  Please finish this process by this Friday, February 3rd.  It only take a few minutes.

Finally, congrats to all the kids who participated in the musical “Catch Me IF You Can”- the production was amazing!  Everyone, please consider attending at least one of the performances this weekend!

Mr. Reed

January 15th band announcements

– Congratulations to Jada Green and Chloe Mears for their audition and selection to the Kansas Honor Band, which will perform in Wichita, KS in late February.  Kudos to everyone who participated with auditions at the district and state level…you are all better players because of you commitment to practicing!

-pep-band calendar change.  No game tomorrow night (Monday, January 16th).  Game has been rescheduled for Tuesday, January 17th.  Report time of 6:15PM, NOT 5:45PM.  It’s a not a double header, just a single game vs. Blue Valley NW.

-clarification of band calendar.  There are two dates which do not line up with what you see on the North master calendar, but the band calendar is correct.  Chili supper is Tuesday, Feb. 7th, NOT Feb. 9th.  Symphonic band festival is Monday, April 3rd, NOT April 4th.  Please remember the REQUIRED Colorado trip meeting on Monday, March 27th, for all participants on this trip.  All students must attend, in addition to one parent (guardian).  There are several legalities to cover, which require a student and parent together.

-symphonic band AND freshman band students.  There are a few of you that did not complete the listening assignment which was due Friday, January 13th.  To receive partial points, please enroll for the class (codes listed below) and follow the directions.  If you are completing this assignment late, in addition to completion of the assignment on Google classroom, you must ALSO email me completion of this assignment, as the Google classroom doesn’t notify me when someone submits a late assignment.  Please remember, this is important, yet should be fun.  If turning in late, please do so ASAP, so you can receive more points.

symphonic band google classroom code: 3le3yg  (notice the l is a lower case L, NOT a 1.

freshman band google classroom code: 975bym

PARENTS- if you are interested in serving on the 2017-18 band booster board in some capacity (including helping, but are flexible with your service) please email me.  If you are willing to serve with the boosters in some capacity, even if you do not have a preference for your service, we will make sure you are not over extended.  Continuing needs with uniforms, fund raising, and at-large board members (attending meetings) are all needed.  We would like to solidify next year’s slate of booster members within the next couple weeks.

Also parents, please email Ms. Clifford at  [email protected]  if you are willing to help serve food at the Feb. 7th chili supper.

Finally, please remember to view the band calendar and other items on the band website  there’s always good information.  I hope to have the rest of the semester’s calendar uploaded by the end of the day.

I hope everyone is enjoying the extra time off this weekend.  Go Chiefs!

Mr. Reed