Feb 1st virtual concert information and signup

Hello SM North band family-


We’re pleased to announce that we have confirmed a live-streaming/virtual concert on Monday, February 1st, 2021!  The current fall semester classes of blocks 1, 2 and 7 will perform the three songs we’ve been working in class. The two jazz bands will play two or three songs we’ve been working in class. The percussion ensemble will play one song.


The rehearsals and performance will not be tied to student grades, this is an optional opportunity for everyone. Having said that, we don’t know what the future holds and this could be our one opportunity to play together this year (maybe we can schedule a May concert season).  Having said that, we need commitments to know who will definitely attend the rehearsals and concerts. Please use the link below to indicate what you can commit to, so we can prepare for precise numbers of students, distancing/mitigation factors, and instrumentation.


As always, we will prioritize safety first.  We’re happy we can all get together to make music again!


Revised spring 2021 calendar:


Monday, Jan. 11th– blocks 1,2,7 rehearsal in the auditorium from 7:00-8:15PM


Tuesday, Jan 12th – – percussion ensemble rehearsal in the band room 7:00-8:15PM.


Tuesday, Jan. 19th– Block 3 jazz band rehearsal from 5:45-6:45PM in the band room, block 4 Crimson Tribe rehearsal from 7:00-8:15 in the band room.


Monday, Jan. 25th– blocks 1,2,7 rehearsal in the auditorium from 7:00-8:15PM


Tuesday, Jan. 26th– percussion ensemble rehearsal in the auditorium room 7:00-8:15PM.  Block 3 jazz band rehearsal from 5:45-6:45PM in the band room, block 4 Crimson Tribe rehearsal from 7:00-8:15 in the band room.


Monday, Feb. 1st– live stream/virtual concert beginning at 7:00PM in the field house.  We will send viewing information at a later time.


IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE RESPOND BY TUESDAY, DEC. 22, so we have an idea of what the performing groups will look like.


Use this link to sign up:




We’re looking forward to seeing many of you in person and making music together!

Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham

Band announcements Nov. 11-Dec. 1

Hello everyone-
A reminder that symphonic band auditions are due tomorrow (Wed. Nov 11th) by 11:59 PM. See my previous email directions on how to submit.
Crimson Tribe Jazz ensemble- we will have our first evening rehearsal next Tuesday, November 17th, from 7:00-8:30 PM. Although this is an optional rehearsal, we need to have a good turn out if we’re going to continue meeting with the full group. Make sure you wear masks and we will follow standard mitigation procedures.  Block 3 Jazz, we will have our first evening rehearsal on Tuesday, December 1st, from 6:00-7:00PM.
ALL jazz students- please consider signing up for “KU day of jazz improvisation”, to be held this Saturday, November 14th from 1:00-4:30 PM. See the link below to register for free.


Important information re: marching and KMEA

Hello everyone-
Students, please fill out the Google form if you plan on participating during the October 23rd football game. We’re limited to 50 kids, but could probably get a few more in. We are definitely limited to 2 audience tickets per student, but participating senior band members get 4 tickets. We will perform the usual pregame at 6:45pm. Half time will consist of two songs, followed by senior recognition. Seniors, please fill out the senior recognition form, which will indicate who your escort is. Parents/escorts, you will watch the show from the track, as the seniors perform their last show during the football game. At the conclusion of the show, we will give you a flower, provided by the band boosters, we’ll line you up on the track, and when your child’s name is called, you will go out to stand by them.
Oct 23rd football game signup link:
senior recognition information link:
Our final marching performance of the year will be Wednesday, October 28th. We had originally announced Tuesday the 27th, but there will more than likely be a postseason soccer game on Tuesday and we wouldn’t have access to the stadium.
 We are not limited by the number of participating students for this event, but all participating students get 2 audience tickets, and seniors get 4 tickets.  To clarify, senior recognition is at the football game on the 23rd, but we give a shout out on the 28th to any seniors who couldn’t go to the football game.
Hopefully, between the two performances, everyone will be able to attend a show, even though we are mandated to cap the audience size.
Oct. 28th final marching performance signup link:
Non-marching band information:
We have 17 students who have signed up to audition for KMEA virtual district honor band. We are offering two dates for auditioning students to use the band room facilities to make a high quality recording for your virtual audition.  Thursday, Oct. 22 and Monday, Oct. 26, both from 3-6PM.  Use the link below to sign up for a 10 minute time slot.  Everyone should enter through the outside door of the choir room, and we will lead you the rest of the way. This is an optional activity.  Student auditioning for KMEA can make their own recording, but you might get a higher quality recording if you sign up for a time slot. Parents, students already have information regarding deadlines, but their final recording is due Wednesday, Nov 4th.  Please use this G spreadsheet to sign up for a time if you wish.
KMEA recording signup link:
Oboe players, check out the KU virtual about a flyer attached to this email, it looks pretty cool!
Everyone please check out the flyer regarding Tyler House KC. This is a new, nonprofit organization, geared towards serving Shawnee mission north area high school students. Kids, please consider participating.
That’s it for now.  We will send additional information regarding procedures for hybrid learning in the next week or so.  Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

changes to Aug. 17-21 schedule

SM North Marching Indians band family-

We are canceling Friday’s rehearsal/conditioning. We will continue to meet tomorrow and Thursday morning, as scheduled, 8-11 AM.  This will allow us to introduce the remaining fundamentals we had hoped, as well as play through the entirety of Pirates of the Caribbean show.  We’re canceling Friday’s rehearsal since we will not be preparing drill for a marching show after this week, due to the district’s decision for remote learning.

We want to stress that if you feel attending Wednesday or Thursdays rehearsal is not in your best interest, that we completely understand if you’re not there. Having said that, we wanted to give you the choice to have two additional mornings of rehearsals, and to enjoy the marching experience, as short as it may be.

On a personal level, at the very least, the emotional breath of fresh air, working with all of you, as you enjoy working with each other, has been a wonderful experience the last two days. We hope to see you tomorrow morning at 8AM on the field.  Regardless, Ms. Fillingham and I respect and appreciate each and every one of you.

Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham

final instructions Aug 17-21 band rehearsals

Final instructions before varsity band conditioning/rehearsals:

Monday, Aug. 17- new varsity marchers and section leaders
Tues-Fri, Aug. 18-21- all varsity marchers
Sat & Monday, Aug. 22 & 24- all varsity percussion

All students are required to bring: tennis shoes with socks (no flip flops) mask, water bottle, instrument. All students are encouraged to bring flip folder/lyre (if a returning student), hat, sun screen, sun glasses.

All students should report to the stadium entrance to check in. Upon arrival, you’ll be asked the following questions, via QR code with your cell phone (we’ll have an I-pad if you don’t have a phone):

1.   In the past 24 hours, have you had any of the following symptoms?
Fever (temperature of 100 or above)*
Chills                                                           Cough
Shortness of breath                                 Fatigue
New loss of taste/smell                          Runny nose, congestion
Sore throat                                              Muscle or body aches
Headache                                                Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
*If you do not have access to a thermometer, please contact the school nurse for assistance.

2.   If the answer is YES to any of the above listed symptoms, STAY HOME and monitor for 24 hours. If the symptoms persist, contact your healthcare provider.

3.   In the past 14 days, have you been within 6 feet of someone for 10 minutes or greater who was diagnosed with COVID-19?  If the answer is YES, stay home and contact your school nurse for additional instructions.

4.   In the past 14 days, have you had contact with the mucous/saliva of someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?  If the answer is YES, stay home and contact your school nurse for additional instructions.

5.   Are you asymptomatic, but waiting on results from a COVID test? If so, stay home until you have your test results. Notify your school nurse of your results before returning to school.

6.  Have you traveled to a location requiring quarantine? If the answer is YES, quarantine (stay home) for 14 days and monitor for symptoms.  If symptoms develop, stay home and contact your primary healthcare provider.

Once you check in, you will be directed to the upper football field, which is behind the stadium. If you have your personal instrument (or need to check a school instrument out) or flip folder that is currently in the band room, you will be directed to the band room to retrieve those items. Students will be allowed in the band room, one at a time, to retrieve these items.

Although rehearsal begins at 8:00AM, we will be ready to begin the check in process at 7:30.<webextlink://Although%20rehearsal%20begins%20at%208:00AM,%20we%20will%20be%20ready%20to%20begin%20the%20check%20in%20process%20at%207:30.> Please, if you are able, arrive on the early side (closer to 7:30). This will facilitate the check in process so we can begin playing as soon as possible. We will begin on the upper field for music rehearsal. We will then transfer to the main stadium field around 9:15AM for conditioning and marching rehearsal. We will wrap up every day at 11:00AM.

A couple other rules, as set by the district:
-Parents and alum are not allowed to stay and watch, even to help
– students should remain 6 feet apart at all times.
-masks are to be worn before and after rehearsal.  Masks can be taken off while playing or during intense physical activity.
– students should not car pool
– students cannot share water, so it’s important to remember your own water bottle.

OK, having said all that, WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SEE EVERYONE NEXT WEEK!  Please email me with any scheduling conflicts.  I am aware some cross country and football students will be a little late, as those camps are going on at the same time.  Please get some exercise in this weekend, rest up and we’ll see you soon.

Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

Enrollment considerations w/ band and summer conditioning Aug 17-22

Hello SM North band students-

Students who enroll for taking classes on campus will rehearse during the school day, as well as any before school and Monday evening rehearsals. Students who opt for online only will be allowed to rehearse with the band before school and Monday evening rehearsals.  I’ve also heard that if you’re opting for online school and you enroll for band, the online class will more than likely not be taught by Ms. Fillingham or myself. There has been talk that all online (district wide) band students could conceivably be taught by the same teacher(s) for the entire district. So the reality would be that online only band members will have another teacher for your online band class, but you could still do morning rehearsals and Monday night rehearsals with the North marching band. 

I must emphasize everything I just said could change!  At the end of the day, North band kids who are opting for online, we will somehow make a place for you in the North marching band. Obviously, you will not have as much rehearsal time, but we will figure something out so you can continue to play with the North band.

Summer conditioning:

We are still slated for varsity band to have five mornings of conditioning/marching/music fundamentals, August 17-21, from 8-11 AM. The first day (17th) will be for new varsity marchers and student staff.  All varsity band members should be there August 18-21.

We will also have percussion only rehearsals 8-11AM on Saturday, Aug. 22nd and Monday, August 24th.    Stay tuned for more information specific to percussion.  

We do not have any JV marching band summer conditioning dates, but JV band members are more than welcome and encouraged to join us August 17th-22nd 

Thank you everyone for your patience.  Ms. Fillingham and I can’t wait to work with all of you again.  More information to follow regarding procedures for summer conditioning dates mentioned above.

Varsity band members, please email me ASAP if you cannot attend the conditioning/rehearsals listee above.

potential rehearsal/conditioning Aug. 17-22

Parents and students-

We are trying to work out details to have a fundamentals/conditioning week for all varsity band members, Aug. 17-22, from 8-11AM in the North stadium.  We will also try to schedule 1-2 additional meetings with varsity percussion.  Of course, this is contingent on conditions with Covid in our area, as well as protocols pertaining to meeting with students on campus.  Final permission will be given by SMSD.  In the meantime, please try to keep these timeframes available.


Please continue to be safe!

Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham

update on band camp/rehearsals

Band parents and students-

The decision has been made from the district to postpone all band camps/rehearsals for at least a week or two. If we get an opportunity to rehearse or condition before school starts, in a safe manner, I will let you know as soon as possible. Any rehearsals or conditioning sessions that are offered will be voluntary.  Potential summer rehearsals will not be required to letter or participate in varsity band, etc.  Families should feel free to schedule anything without feeling like they’re missing out on a major component of the band program. These are indeed, unique times that we are living in.

Thank you everyone for your patience, as I truly did not want to cancel anything unless we had to.

Please email me any questions, and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Stay safe, and will keep in touch!

Mr. Reed

Final band announcements 2019-20

Band banquet and senior recognition will be held Thursday, June 4th, beginning at 6:30pm. The “banquet“ will be held first for all band students, via live YouTube link. We will announce letter recipients, outstanding band student awards, and other shout-outs, and we will watch a video from last year‘s marching band show.  Approximately 30 minutes later, we will have a Zoom meeting, just for seniors and their family members. This is where we will share senior memories for each student. It will be nice that we can at least see each other at the same time, and honor our seniors.  Please spread the word about both of these events.
The band banquet link will be sent in the next few days. Please watch for an email with this information.
Senior Memory Zoom:
Meeting ID: 852 5667 0348
Password: Senior2020
Seniors, if you could do us a huge favor of returning anything you might still have as soon as the school year starts. Original music, uniforms, mutes or any other small items. Everything you return is that much less money we have to spend on replacing anything.
Seniors…you can stop reading this email at this point, as everything below pertains to next year.
Beginning next Friday, May 29th, we will use the new ReMind codes for the 2020-21 school year: Remind only allows 150 people in each class, hence the reason we have to split the varsity marching band class into two. Parents, feel free to sign up for this service as well. This is the quickest way we can get short bursts of information to everyone. Especially with the possibility of things changing due to the world we live in, urgent information will be sent via Remind text.
Varsity marching band, student last name A-M.
Varsity marching band, student last name N-Z
Varsity drumline
Student staff/section leaders
Four lists have been posted in the Google classroom. All varsity marching band participants, Crimson Tribe audition results, drumline audition results, and the section leaders list. Please contact me if you feel there is an error. Especially look at the marching band list. If you should be on there and you’re not, or you’re not going to participate, please let me know either way. We will begin writing the drill for the show very soon, and we need an exact number.
Attention all 9th-11th graders: We have been asked to play for this year‘s graduation ceremony on July 15th. please look for a sign up in Google classroom, that you will commit to play in the graduation band. We will meet at 6:00PM to rehearse, and graduation begins at 8:00PM.  We will play Pomp and Circumstance, the national anthem and the fight song. We will practice one hour before graduation begins, go outside and then go for it! Again, please sign up in the Google classroom. More details to follow.
Anyone interested in renting an instrument for the summer, please sign up in Google classroom and specify which instrument. I’m working on a way to get these instruments to you, and I hope to have instruments ready for you as soon as two or three weeks. Many of our instruments are currently in the shop being cleaned and repaired.
Varsity wind players, the 2020 marching band music has been uploaded in Google classroom! Please start practicing, with the idea that you can play most of the show before band camp begins! Also listen to the show so you can get a good idea of how everything goes.  FYI- some of the solos might change to different instruments, we will revisit this once camp starts.
A slight change to varsity band camp, due to Covid.  There is a good chance we will not be allowed to have large numbers of band students in the same room due to social distancing, so ,we need to plan on most of camp being held outdoors.  As a result, instead of having camp 8AM-4PM every day, we will rehearse 8AM-noon, have a long break, and then practice 6-9PM.  The evening session will primarily be music and outside, but the later time will allow us to play when it’s not as hot. Please make sure both sessions EVERY DAY can work in your schedule.
All varsity marching band students, make sure you have filled out the calendar conflict form on G classroom.  THIS IS REQUIRED FOR YOUR SPOT IN THE SHOW TO BE SOLIDIFIED.
Thanks for everyone’s patience while dealing with end of year announcements as well as planning for next year.  I would rather tell everyone in person why this has taken so long, but decisions have been difficult to make when we haven’t been told what we’re allowed to do.  This isn’t really anyone’s fault, as our world is fairly volatile.  But…we are REALLY looking forward to working with all of you again.
Stay safe, and we’re looking forward to June 4th.  Visit the G classroom soon to review various lists and download the marching band music.
Mr. Reed
Ms. Fillingham

Getting 4th quarter rolling!

Dear north band family-

First off, Ms. Fillingham and I really miss you guys. We all know we’re dealing with an unfortunate reality, but we’re going to make the fourth quarter meaningful, productive and memorable.

There are so many questions, but we are going to have to place much of it on hold until a game plan is in place. Please be patient.


 Final opportunity to get your instrument out of the band room if you have not already done so:  Please email me no later than 5 PM tomorrow (March 24), if you need your instrument out of the band room. This does not mean summer rentals, personal belongings, even music folders. This is strictly in the event your personal instrument is still in the band room. This will be the only opportunity for the foreseeable future for you to get your instrument.

At 11:00AM this Thursday (March 26), we will go into the band room and bring your instruments outside in the west parking lot. One at a time, you can get out of your cars, pick up your instrument and depart. At no time, should more than one student be outside of their car while getting their instruments. No one will be allowed in the school at any time. I do not know the next time anyone will have access to the band room. Again, email me by tomorrow (March 24) so that I can pull your instrument.


I sent a Remind text out about 20 minutes ago. If you did not get it, but want to get reminder texts, please text @fgce42 to the number 81010. It doesn’t matter which class you were in fall or spring semester.

Everyone needs to sign up for the following Google classroom. It’s entitled North bands 4th quarter 2020. The code is bk3m2w6. We will send assignments, videos and other events to this classroom. In fact, there’s a video waiting for you there now!


Finally, set your alarm clock every day and get projects done! Not just music, anything and everything.


I promise we will talk more about varsity and jazz auditions, music, etc. as soon as we can.


We’re also looking forward to seeing you on the WebEx platform very soon, more information to follow.


Ms. Fillingham and I have always been very proud of you. Let’s make the fourth quarter of the school year better than any of us could possibly imagine.


Mr. Reed

Ms. Fillingham