California 2018 Information

  • February 15th- 1st installment of $575.00 due
  • May 15th- 2nd installment of $575.00 due
  • August 15th- 3rd installment of $575.00 due (in addition to regular yearly band expenses)
  • November 15th- final installment of $575.00 due


  • January 1st-June 30th- full refund available.
  • July 1st-August 31st- 50% of payments received are refundable
  • September 1st- October 31st- 25% of payments received are refundable
  • November 1st  and thereafter- no refunds available

However, if you can find another student to take your place (that is not already on the trip roster), before November 1st, we can still refund all your money.