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Band Camp marks the beginning of the Marching Band season.  Camp is extremely important and its success is crucial to the rest of the year.  This is where you learn the basic fundamentals of marching.  It is vital that you are in attendance with a positive, willing, and intense attitude.  Parents- if your student is unable to attend band camp, it is important to contact Mr. Reed and your child’s section leader.  The drill is written based upon attendance at Band Camp.  If we know you are planning on participating in band but cannot attend camp, a spot may be saved for you in the drill.  Without prior knowledge, this cannot happen.

Marching fundamentals learned at band camp are the foundation of the marching band.  Fundamentals seem redundant but it is imperative that you learn them correctly and use them throughout the season.  Most importantly, you will learn the intensity involved with the Marching Indians.  If you miss band camp, contact your section leader upon your return to begin getting caught up.

You are expected to be on time!  Tardiness is not appropriate.  Efficient rehearsals are a top priority, especially to compete on the level of 6-A band.  You are expected to be ready to start at the very beginning of the rehearsal. (i.e. if rehearsal is at 6:45AM you are expected to be in your spot on the marching band field ready to start at 6:45AM).  You will be considered tardy if you are walking out to the field at 6:45AM or getting your instrument out at 6:45AM.  You get the picture.  It is a good idea to arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself time to prepare.

Transportation is sometimes a problem, especially for freshman.  Never fear, these problems can be worked out.  Band students with cars are willing to help out with rides.  Your section leaders can help you find rides.  Don’t be afraid to ask them.  Attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory so don’t let a transportation problem keep you from attending.


You are expected to have the majority of your music memorized by the end of Band Camp.  Memorization is a MUST and you’ve had plenty of time to practice.  Memorize your music in this order: SMN Pregame, Star Spangled Banner, Price of Egypt show (for varsity).  During band camp (July 28th-Aug. 5th) we will be in rehearsal 8AM to 4PM with 1 1/2 off for lunch.  You may bring your lunch or you can plan on getting fast food on Johnson Drive.  There are several restaurants that are within close walking distance of North.  Parents, if you feel comfortable with letting your child ride with one of the older students, there are always rides available at lunch.  I know high school is a big change from middle school and one of the major changes is student drivers.  The band kids are some of the best kids at North.  I believe they are trustworthy to get your child to a fast-food establishment.

Bring the following to band camp:

  • Sunblock
  • Water- 1 gallon container with ice and water
  • Comfortable shoes with socks(we march in the stadium)
  • Hat
  • Music and Instrument
  • A Great Attitude!!!



    The uniforms play an important role in the Marching Band. They help us represent our school with pride and honor and we ask that the uniforms be cared for and worn in the same way. Each band member will be responsible for the condition and care of their uniform once it has been assigned to him or her.

    Your band fee of $125 for varsity (and $75 for JV) must be paid before you check out your uniform for the first performance. We will not be able to check out your uniform until the $125 ($75) is paid. Your payment will cover the cost of the shoes and the care and cleaning of your uniform. Please try to make your payment before or at the ice cream social or band picnic.

    Each student is assigned a uniform with a specific number and ALL parts of your uniform have that number on them. When you are assigned a uniform number at the time of uniform fitting, each part number will be verified. You will then be required to sign an

agreement with Shaw-Mi-No Band organization stating that you will be fully responsible for your uniform during the school year.

The uniforms will remain at the school and WILL NOT be taken home. They will be checked out before each performance and checked in after each performance. A uniform committee parent will then check the uniform. If it is not assembled correctly, you will be asked to redo it until it is properly hung on the hanger.

Note to Parents: Students will be expected to complete the check-out process BEFORE they leave the band room.


    Black socks are required when wearing your band uniform, and are considered a part of the uniform. You are to keep one clean pair of black socks in your garment bag at all times. If you do not have a black pair of socks prior to the performance at uniform check, you will be asked to purchase another pair from the uniform co-chairpersons for $5.00, due immediately Black shoes/shoe bags. You will be given a shoe bag for storage of your shoes. Please write your name in the white space on the bottom of the bag. DO NOT put your shoes in your garment bag. The weight of the shoes will tear the garment bag. Shoes can be taken home but it the students responsibility to bring their shoes to performance.


White Gloves. You will be issued a pair of white gloves at the time you are assigned a uniform number. Please store your gloves in the garment bag so they are available for each performance. If you lose your gloves, you will be asked to purchase another pair for $3.00. HatslPlumes/Hat Boxes.   

You will be assigned a hat at the time you are assigned a uniform. The hat will be stored in a hatbox with the corresponding hat number on the outside of it. Your hat is to be inside your hatbox at all times unless you are wearing it. The hats and hatboxes can be taken home when uniforms are assigned providing the first installment was been paid. You may want a stocking hat for cold weather. This may be stored in your hat while you are marching and kept inside the hat at other times.

    Plumes will be distributed prior to performances and collected immediately following the performance. If it should begin to rain while you are wearing a plume, please remove it from your hat and store it inside the hat until the weather clears. Any uniform part found in the band room or elsewhere between performances will be collected by the Uniform Committee. Lost or forgotten uniform parts WILL NOT BE CHECKED OUT for replacement unless it is a competition. You will perform without a complete uniform. It is your responsibility to keep your uniform together and have it when you perform.

    The uniforms play an important role in Symphonic, Concert and Freshman Band. They help us represent our school with pride and honor and we ask that the uniforms be cared for and worn in the same way. Each band member will be responsible for the condition and care of his or her uniform once it has been assigned to him or her. Symphonic, Concert and Freshman uniforms differ since they will be checked out to the student and the student will keep the uniform until the end of the Symphonic, Concert and Freshman Band season. Your student will be notified of the date they need to return their uniform.

    At the end of Marching Band season and/or Symphonic Band season, the uniforms will be inventoried. If your uniform, or a part of it, is missing or damaged, you will be issued an invoice for the replacement cost. If there is a uniform part included in the garment bag that does not have your assigned number, you will be expected to make payment to replace the missing part. Any student who has an outstanding uniform bill will not be assigned a uniform for the next season until that invoice is paid. In addition, a copy of the invoice will be sent to the main office at SMN, and action could be taken until the issue is resolved. The replacement costs of the uniform are:


Jacket $270.00 Tux Jacket 50.00

Black Pants 118.00 Wing Collar Tux Shirt 17.00

White Pants (Drum Majors) 118.00 Tuxedo Pants 34.00

Baldric 57.00 Cummerbund 9.00

Cape 57.00 Bow Tie 4.00

Gloves 2.50 Dress 74.00

Gauntlets 27.50 Hanger 2.00

Hat 67.00 Garment Bag 7.00

Hat Box 10.00

Plume 15.00

Garment Bag 23.00

Shoes 35.00

Shoe Bag 7.00
If you have any questions about the above information, please contact Ms. Jacinda West at 913-909-3192. Thank you!


Grading PDF


Grading in band is fairly simple, and there is really no excuse to not get an A.  Band is a performance class, so grades are based on participation.  Important factors for receiving a good grade are:

*Having an excellent attendance record (performances/rehearsals ON TIME)

*Appropriate behavior in class

*Knowing your music…memorization in Marching Band and practice in Concert


*Being on time for ALL rehearsals and performances


Grading System:

  • 50% Participation
  • 25% Performances
  • 20% Playing tests
  •  5% Written tests


*Missing a performance which is unexcused can drop a students quarterly grade by two letters.  Excused absences must be worked out ahead of time with Mr. Reed unless there is a family emergency.  WORK IS NOT AN EXCUSED

ABSENCE.  Students may make up an excused absence by writing a one-two page report on the composer of their choice or possibly a SmartMusic assignment.



Letters are the maroon (standing for Shawnee Mission) that students may earn to wear on a letter jacket.  All students who march (including band camp participation) in the fall AND participate in a concert band in the spring are eligible to earn a letter in band.  Some jazz students who march in the fall and/or participate in orchestra may also be eligible.

General Criteria:

-Participation in ALL scheduled performances is required for eligibility unless excused prior to the performance or directors approval.

-Areas requiring verification of work done must be documented immediately following completion of project or assigned task.

-Excessive absences or tardiness from class may result in disqualification from letter consideration.

-Points do not accumulate from one year to the next (except for graduation band).

-You must attend band camp.

-Discipline problems, or failure to adhere to rules set out by the directors may result in disqualification from lettering consideration

Minimum required points:

Music performance: 35  point minimum

Service: 10 points minimum

TOTAL: 50 points minimum

Music performance:

-District and/or State Solo & Ensemble Participation(per event):

I Rating                 10 points

II or III Rating      8 points

-Jazz Ensemble or Seminar Jazz Band Participation     1-10 points

-Jazz Combo/ Small Ensemble  Participation     1-5 points   

-Choir, Full Orchestra Participation     1-5   points

-Football Pep-Band Participation      3     pts. ea

-Pep-Band Participation (minus three points for every game missed)      20    points

-KMEA(District and/or State) Auditioning     10     points

-KMEA (District and/or State) Selection and performance     10     points

-Summer Band Camp (this is also required to letter)    10     points

-Summer Percussion Camp      5     points

-Miscellaneous Special Performances/Events     1-5   points

-Cumulative Experience Points(must be in band for entire year)

Second Consecutive Year      5     points

Third Consecutive Year     10    points

Fourth Consecutive Year     20    points


Service points:

-Drum Major or Section Leader   10      points

– Additional assignments on SmartMusic NOT assigned for class  1-3 points ea.

-Library, Cleaning or Uniform work  1-5      points

-Ushering for concerts (per event)     1        point

-Miscellaneous projects   1-5     points

-Cumulative Experience Points(must be in band for entire year)

Second Consecutive Year      3      points

Third Consecutive Year      5      points

Fourth Consecutive Year      8      points


Band students may be dropped off at the stadium field and picked up in the circle drive for band camp rehearsals.  The band room is located off the west side of the building next to the auditorium.  

Shaw-Mi-No band parents are known throughout the area for their vigorous cheering.  So, for home games, we all sit together.  This allows us to cheer as one large group that the band can hear on the field.

A portion of the stands are marked off for the band.  You will always find the band parents close to the band.  We try to have the band parents sit in section “F”.

Football games usually start at 7:00PM, however, the band performs a pre-game show at approximately 6:45PM.  If you get there early, you can get a good seat and cheer the band on!

Monday night rehearsals begin at 6:30PM and end at 8:30PM.  If you are picking your child up, you can be assured that they will always be released at 8:30PM.  If you would like to attend any rehearsal you are always invited.

Band Handbook 2016-17

Shaw Mi No Handbook PDF

Band Boosters/Shaw-Mi-No Parent Organization

The Band Booster organization is made up of parents who provide vital support for the band students at Shawnee Mission North. This organization is also known as Shaw-Mi-No. There are quite a few events and activities throughout the year that require extra time and effort from students, staff, and especially parents to insure that everything goes as planned. We are looking forward to a busy and exciting year filled with new challenges and new friends. The students truly appreciate your participation; if you would like to be more involved, please notify a board member and visit Charms website to volunteer your help with the activities & events.


Along with our Band Director, the following people have been elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 school year:


2016-2017 Band Booster Board Members

Director; Chad Reed; 913-207-8318, [email protected]


Stephen Clifford,913-530-4742 [email protected]

Jonna Clifford, 913-530-4746 [email protected]

Vice President;Sarah Maun, 913.558.0876, [email protected]

Treasurer: Mary Honas; 913.424.3697, [email protected]

Secretary; Suzie Mears; 913-279-1813, [email protected]

Fundraising Coordinator:

Brandi Salvino; 913-706-4016 [email protected]

Uniforms; Sheryl Jordan, 913-638-6213, [email protected]

Uniforms; Jacinda West, 913-909-3192, [email protected]

At Large; Lori Johnson, 913.962.1115, [email protected]

At Large; Charlotte West, 913.449.2743, [email protected]


2016-17 Band Booster Meeting Schedule

Specific dates will be posted as soon as district calendar is finalized


August – General Membership meeting following Band Picnic

September – 5:45 PM Board Meeting

October – 5:45 PM  Board meeting  

November – 5:45PM Board meeting

January – 5:45 PM  Board meeting

February – 5:45 PM  Board meeting

April – 5:45 PM  Board meeting

May – General Membership meeting to coincide with the Spring Concert.


Board meetings are open for everyone to attend, and will be held in the band room. This schedule, along with any changes will also be posted at and at on the calendar. We will make every effort to begin promptly and complete the business in one hour or less. If you have a concern or something you would like to discuss, please call or email the president so we can add it to the agenda if needed.


The Shaw-Mi-No Band Parent Organization has determined that a contribution of $125 per varsity student and $75 for JV is necessary to maintain our current level of activities. This amount, which supplements the school’s band budget, reflects the cost per student to run the Marching Band program for first semester marching band students. Each family has the option to pay these funds all in one payment or in two installments, due in August and November. Any money that a student raises by fundraising goes directly into their individual account and can be used to help cover program costs and/or pay for travel in years when there is a trip.


A lot of hard work and dedication by students, staff and parents will go into all of the activities this year. The board welcomes and encourages the participation of every parent to help ensure that all of the activities run smoothly. We look forward to working with everyone this year.


Thank you in advance for all of your help!


The Shaw-Mi-No Board