Mr. Reed’s Notes

Feb. 14-21 Several Important Announcements

Tuesday, Feb. 14- double header basketball game.  Report time of 5:30PM.   Wednesday, Feb. 15th- DEADLINE FOR ALL COLORADO PAYMENTS.  Please submit a check to the booster treasurer, Mr. Reed, or through PayPal via the band website.  Go to and...

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Feb. 3-14: Chili supper, b-ball, enrollment info

Friday, Feb. 3- double header basketball game, "Hall of Fame" night.  Report time of 5:30PM for pep-band in band room.  PARENTS, the school booster organization is asking help from band parents at this game.  Since they helped purchase our new marching banner (which...

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July 21– Student Leadership train/work day 9AM-4PM
July 22– Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 8AM-4PM
July 24-26 Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 5-9PM
July 25/26 JV & new varsity marchers 8-11:30AM
July 27 Ice Cream Social (everyone) 7:00PM
July 27-Aug. 4 Band Camp (varsity/ no weekends) 8AM-4PM
Aug. 4 Band Camp (everyone) 6-7:30PM

Photos! You Got ‘Em? We Want ‘Em!

If you have photos you would like to share, please email them to If the total file size is greater than 10MB, please send photos on disc or flash drive to Mr. Reed – flash drives will be returned. Photos will be posted to our gallery for everyone to enjoy.

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