Mr. Reed’s Notes

Final band announcements 2016-17!

Final announcements for 2016-17 school year: Monday, May 22- ALL 2017-18 band members.  Although this is an optional night, we are expecting EVERYONE, JV and varsity.  🙂  This a really fun, short evening, as we pay it forward, welcoming our new marchers! 5:30PM-...

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band announcements April 29-May 25- please save

April 29- State solo/ensemble festival, Washburn Rural HS, as scheduled.  This affects 8 students, and they have their schedules.  Make sure you have your 2 original copies, one of which that has numbered measures.  Do not assume anyone has those two originals.   May...

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July 21– Student Leadership train/work day 9AM-4PM
July 22– Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 8AM-4PM
July 24-26 Drumline camp (varsity/pit/battery) 5-9PM
July 25/26 JV & new varsity marchers 8-11:30AM
July 27 Ice Cream Social (everyone) 7:00PM
July 27-Aug. 4 Band Camp (varsity/ no weekends) 8AM-4PM
Aug. 4 Band Camp (everyone) 6-7:30PM

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